Although suffering a low entry of 18 boats because of a rotational drop from the Silver Tiller Series (the class has too many Restricted Water events), the Wembley SC Open Meeting on May 23rd still attracted a high quality of visiting entries in a well-run event.

Pat Blake won the first race with Rachel Williamson crewing, from Rob Wilder & Tom McLaughlin and their fellow Tamesis mates Andy Harris & Blake's daughter Anna.
The middle race went to Wembley's Duncan Salmon & Ian Garwood from Wilder & McLaughlin, with Wembley's Colin Brockbank & Martin Hughes pushing Blake down to 4th, one place ahead of his daughter.

With 3 boats all capable of winning the Brent Trophy, the outcome was in doubt until the final seconds with any of 4 boats capable of winning the race. Brockbank & Hughes were first home to secure 2nd place overall, but Salmon & Garwood covered their opponents well to follow their club mates home and secure the Trophy. Wilder & McLaughlin did a similar covering job to prevent Blake & Williamson getting the 3rd place which would have given them 3rd overall, making a grandstand finish for the trainees waiting to have their lessons at the conclusion of the event.

Pat Blake

1st	Duncan Salmon & Ian Garrow 	(Wembley) 	2.75pts 
2nd	Colin Brockbank & Martin Hughes	(Wembley) 	3.75pts 
3rd	Rob Wilder & Tom McLaughlin 	(Tamesis) 	4pts 
4th	Pat Blake & Rachel Williamson 	(Cookham) 	4.75pts 
5th	Andy Harris & Anna Blake 	(Tamesis) 	8pts