Chichester Snowflake

White horses and plenty of wind greeted sailors for the last day of the 2003/04 Snowflake series:

White horses

In the Merlins (as if you really give one about the 400s/200s that just get in the way) Judith and Phil went yotting, the 'Dynamic Jones Boys' went yotting, Will Rainey had the scaredy wobbles and didn't go yotting, and myself and Deepy (Chris Downham) went yotting.
It wasn't completely bonkers crazy really...

Sheer bedlam!

Race one got off and (this'll make you laugh) we somehow managed to be first round the mark, screamed off down the reach, looked behind and pretty much all of them, including the 400s and 200s, had gone for a swim. Hurrah! We started giggling and in true style immediately pitched it right in, managing to get our twig properly stuck in the mud. So we watched the buggers sail past...TWICE!!

Everyone made it round with Judith and Phil doing the biz in style:
Judith and Phil Judith and Phil

The second race was much the same with the wind subsiding. Comedy moments included Deepy's mid race malt loaf snack, with us eating this horrible thing and then realising we both looked like Wurzle Gummidge with black teeth! Deepy reverted to single pole gybing techniques and wondered why I wouldn't gybe her round (communications issues!). We were almost at the boat shop by the time this was sorted!

Andy and Deepy Andy and Deepy

Anyway you all missed a corking last yott.
William Warren and Robbie Sampson scooped the 'Fast handicap' trophy for the series, with Graham Williamson (usually to be found in MR3609) and son Jeremy taking the 'Slow handicap' prize in their Mirror.
Apparently Graham went out in a 400 that day but decided to leap out of the boat during a gybe - something about the boat not being as wide as it should be!

Report - Andy Dalby
Photos - Demelza Mitchell

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