Merlins battle near Bosworth

For England and Sir Harry! Now in the winter of our happy content made glorious summer by the sun in Warks. On the 23rd March forty three Knights of the Merlins set forth once again in search of the Holy Tiller in the variable winds and waters of Shustoke.

This, the start of a predicted hard and extended campaign, saw early skirmish in the first battle as skittish mounts were regrouped on three occasions. The shambles were exploited by "Chambulls" of Warren who advanced to the first mark aggressively. But no question of to be or not to be in this small hamlet as the steeds of Richard the 1st (former Champion), Richard the Pretender, Sir David, Sir Simon de Blake and Prince William of Rainey (with the support of the King) galloped in hot pursuit and constant harrow. The vast experience of Richard the 1st prevailed as he took the blue standard at the finish.

The second battle saw Sir David spirit his way to the front only to be engaged in prolonged one to one combat and eventually forced to submit by Richard I. With two battle wins, Richard was assured of the crown and retired to the hills overlooking the battle scene to watch those seeking secondary spoils.

The Pretender rode mightily into the third battle only to be cruelly cut down by the superior kite weaponry of Sir David who claimed pyrrhic victory over his victim who had been doomed from the start. Sir Simon de Blake-fort hard and consistently and was rewarded for his emprise but gave way to the superior gallantry of his mother.

The battle trophies were claimed and vows made to resume at the next bloody pitch towards the south at Banbury. Cry havoc and let loose the boats for more!

Glorious in Victory : Richard Estaugh and Andy Hately
Bloodied but not down: " Phantom Menace" David Winder and Jill Blake
Tomorrow is another day: "Manana" Simon Blake and Linton Jenkins
Licking wounds: "Millenium Falcon" Will Rainey and Jenny King
"Chambulls" William Warren and Rachel Cooper

Steve Watson