Hamble Warming Pan 2009

Silver Tiller series sponsored by:
Speed Sails
The first of the Speed Sails Silver Tiller open meetings was held with 30 boats at the Hamble Warming Pan on Sunday; it was a bright sunny day and in contrast to the day before the wind was only force one in the first race, picking up to two/three just in time for the second race.

Simon Blake won the first race, there was a drift against the tide with several boats running aground, we only managed one lap in Southampton water and back in with the tide it was quite a long race - about an hour and a half.

Typically for the Merlin Rockets there was a general recall and the restarted race was battled out between Simon, Dan and Glen. At one point in the recall a loud tannoy was heard blasting out to Matt Biggs, “3705 you are two boat lengths over the line”, “You are one boat length over the line”, “You are two centimetres over the line”, but he did not appear to hear unfortunately.

The second race was fun, a lot of dodging boats on the river, a bit like being in a Salcombe Slalom. It was a nice breeze creating an interesting race; with Richard Whitworth leading from the start. There was a lot of mud on the Warsash side of the river and many people running aground here too. No one managed to overtake Richard, but a battle was fought to do this by Nick Craig, William Warren, Taxi, Dan, Bigsy, Mike Calvert, Simon, Chris Lewns and Dave Winder.

Second place went to Nick, and William came in third. It was a good turnout, weather and racing for the first Silver Tiller meeting of the year.

Report: Ben Archer / Dave Winder
Photo: David Henshall

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