Ranelagh Vintage Racing

14th June 2008
Just 6 boats turned out Saturday with only one visitor and a couple of moonlighters. On a sunny morning with a gentle NW wind the river at Putney was a fine place to be and itís a shame more competitors couldnít make the trip. The 10.30 start meant just one race with the tide turning at 12.15 and quite a bit of water still coming down the river.

All boats got away cleanly on the down tide/up river start, early leader Jon Holroyd with crew Jane Rusbatch having their first sail in a Club Merlin, Joker. They were followed by Christopher Edwards with Thomas Stolper in Scoobee Doo and Andy Harris/Phil Plumtree in Merlinís Moon though the latter rounded the up-river mark right on the tail of Holroyd, Edwards holding 3rd. Ben Marshall and John Wilkey in Fat Marce were locked in battle with Mervyn Allen and Lora Stock in Keto leaving Ranelagh Commodore, Nick Price with his daughter Catherine as tail end Charlies after the first beat.

Spinnakers were universally deployed on the first run with Holroyd dropping back to 3rd behind Edwards and Harris as they passed Craven Cottage. Ben Marshall held a slender lead over Mervyn Allen and Nick Price but the gap between them and the leaders was closing as the run approached the leeward mark opposite the Club. Edwards still led from Harris with the other 4 boats arriving at the mark 4 abreast. A bit of trouble with the spinnaker drop left the Prices firmly last again and the boats set off on the beat up river. Allen, Marshall and Price all got ahead of Holroyd on this beat but some nifty work at the mark saw Holroyd up to 4th after the rounding.


As on the first lap, the fleet closed up again with dramatic results. The crews were searching desperately for wind on different gybes, out in the stream and by the bank. Leaders at the mark were Holroyd/Rusbatch having snuck up from 4th. Edwards/Stolper followed with Harris/Plumtree 3rd, the last three boats rounding line abreast yet again just a minute later. With just one lap to go, Holroyd maintained his lead at the next mark from Edwards with Marshall/Wilkey up to 3rd and Harris/Plumtree 4th from Allen and Price.

These positions stayed pretty constant with the fleet all together apart from Holroyd who was enjoying a comfortable 3 minute lead after nearly 90 minutes of racing. The last 5 however were all within a minute of each other at the bell and the new Vintage handicaps were to play a part in the final places, Ben Marshall dropping from 3rd to 5th and Christopher Edwards dropping from 2nd to 3rd, the beneficiary being Nick Price who went from 5th on the water to 2nd overall in Diabolo.

A fine win for Jon Holroyd and Jane Rusbatch recovering from last place half way through the race to win by 3 minutes. The final gap between 2nd and 5th on handicap was just 61 seconds, same places on the water, 68 seconds.

Report: Nick Price

1st Joker 1993, Jon Holroyd/Jane Rusbatch, Ranelagh SC (100)
2nd Diabolo 214, Nick Price /Cat Price, Ranelagh SC (100)
3rd Scoobee Doo 2444, Christopher Edwards/ Thomas Stolper, Ranelagh SC (98)
4th Merlinís Moon 2406, Andy Harris/ Phil Plumtree, Ranelagh Sc (99)
5th Fat Marce 2529, Ben Marshall/john Wilkey, Minima YC (98)
6th Keto  799, Mervyn Allen/ Lora Stock Ranelagh SC (99)
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