Glyn Charles Pursuit and Hayling Open 2008

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Speed Sails
32 Merlins headed for Hayling Island Sailing Club on the weekend of 26/27th April, firstly for the Glyn Charles pursuit race on the Saturday followed by their open meeting on the Sunday. Merlins did really well to finish 3rd (Mike/Jane Calvert) and 4th (Roger Gilbert/James Stewart) in the Glyn Charles pursuit race, in a fleet of well over 200 boats, including a number of world and national champions across many of the classes. This was despite sailing off HISC adjusted handicaps which make the task that little bit more difficult!

The Sunday dawned grey and with only a fitful breeze which was swinging merrily from west to east through south and back again. Together with the odd rain squall and thunderstorm thrown in, this made an interesting day for race officer Greg Wells and his team. However, they did a sterling job in getting three races in, even though the start line had to move around the harbour to ensure there was a long enough first beat for each race. With a relatively strong tide, as is always the way inside the harbour, the courses were interesting and tactical.

The first race was relatively straight-forward; the start line on the second proved interesting with everyone cramming at the committee boat end, literally queuing up to keep out of the tide; and the third was dominated by a thunderstorm coming right through the middle of the course, the wind dying and then coming back in from the right, dumping those who were initially looking good on the left hand side.

With three different race winners Roger Gilbert/James Stewart; Simon Blake/Jill Blake; and Andy Davis/Ellie Bremer, this was a day when most people were very glad to have a discard and probably wished they had two!

Report: Judith Massey

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