Fleetwood Open 2008

Silver Tiller series sponsored by:
Speed Sails
Blackpool & Fleetwood YC held a Silver Tiller on the sea at Fleetwood on 7th June, some 30 years after the Club previously held a Silver Tiller event. This time it was sponsored by Speed Sails. Five home boats were supported by nine visitors, with the welcome sight of Pat Blake back in the boat.

The conditions were perfect with sunshine and a steady force 2-3 NW wind with little if any shifts, and the tide constant over the whole of the course. Boatspeed was important and no local knowledge required. Two old-style olympic courses were sailed with both races to count.

The first race was won by Richad Whitworth, Matt Biggs second and David Winder third. In the second race the first 3 were reversed leaving all 3 on the same points. David won overall having won the second race, Richard was second having scored a first, leaving Matt Biggs third. Taxi (Andy Davis) was fourth, Pat and Jilly were fifth, with Roger Taylor sixth.

Kevin Berry arranged for a friend to take pictures. When the friend got into the rescue boat the crew asked him if he was ok in the RIB, to which he replied, "I am the Lifeboat Coxswain!"

Report: Chris Haworth

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