Weymouth Open 2007

A fleet of 39 Merlins made the trip down to Weymouth SC on 16 and 17th June for a weekend of racing in the beautiful open bay.

The Saturday provided an opportunity to join in with club racing for a bit of tuning or to get the boat rigged and watch some excellent racing while building sandcastles. The OD set a very full sized course and in 15kts + of breeze it was a great opportunity for real work-out including 1.5 Mile full-on reaches. Northern pondies Glen Truswell & overcame their agraphobia to notch up a victory in their beautifully maintained 10 year old timber boat Rong Number 3573.

The Sunday races counted for the Silver Tiller series. The first and second races both got away at first attempt with victories being notched up by Roger Gilbert/James Stewart and Richard Whitworth / Nichola Brook respectively. Whitworth / Brook took second place in race one and Pat and Jill Blake were second in race 2. There was much interest in the progress of a new Jenkins/Driver boat having its first run-out with Phil King steering and builder Linton Jenkins at the front. They showed good pace for an inaugural outing but a bit more practice at tying the main halyard will be required before the true potential is revealed.

The final race was started in a falling and unstable breeze necessitating four attempts at starting with the black flag finally instilling some discipline. A large wind shift favoured those on the left of the beat and turned the race in to a processional affair that the OD sensibly curtailed by shortening the course with Pat and Jill Blake established as clear leaders with Will Rainey/Vicki Tarbet second. In an impressive display of seamanship the fleet flocked back up the river and single slipway with no incidents and only mild alarm caused to passing yachties.

The overall results had class stalwarts, the husband and wife team of Pat and Jill Blake as popular winners on count back.

Report: Helen and James Middleton-Stewart

Top 6:
	1 Pat Blake/Jilly Blake
	2 Richard Whitworth/Nichola Brook
	3 Roger Gilbert/James Stewart
	4 Mike and Jane Calvert
	5 Dan Alsop/Jennie King
	6 Alex Jackson/Chris Gould