Wembley Weekend 2007

Topmast team racing and Silver Tiller event
Topmast Trophy

The annual Topmast trophy was held at Wembley SC. 5 teams competed in a closely-contested round robin were everybody sailed against each other twice. A decent force 2 picked up despite the dire forecast, which provided perfect team racing conditions. The lead umpire Bill Brockbank managed the racing and again showed us all how little we know of the rules at times. A big thanks to him. Kelly Miller organised the whole event and again despite having to work 24 hours at her rubbish company still found the time to do all the unseen background work. Thanks Kelly.

The round robin was very close but after this stage Holingworth and Midland were eliminated which left Wembley, Cookham and Shoreham in the semi-finals.

Like the All Blacks Wembleys hopes of a win were left in tatters, which left Shoreham and Cookham to contest the final.

Well there is still life in the old dogs as Messrs Rainey and Blake, ably crewed by Vicki and Jilly, took away the spoils.

Team racing will be held next year at Midland in March, so let's really support this fun event in the future.

Silver Tiller

The forecast of zero wind probably reduced the entry somewhat, but still 33 boats appeared for the event. Mercifully a reasonably light breeze filled in before the start. It was a testing shifty easterly which actually was showed we donít always have to have our bums on the side decks to enjoy the racing. Geoff OíNeill did the race officer bit excellently, and the MRX fleet hosted the event; a big thanks to them for the good organisation.

Amazingly the fleet got off first time in every race - who says we are a badly behaved class?

Duncan Salmon showed the fleet the way up the first beat showing fantastic skills, and his crew Ian Garwood again demonstrated what a brilliant crew he is with his brand of unsurpassable boat tuning and Olympic-level strategy (I was too far behind so Duncan gave me this bit of the report). Unluckily he was passed by the ever-improving Alex Jackson and Nicola Brook who went on to win the race from Matt Biggs and Duncan.

After some early jousting in race 2, Glen Truswell, in his recently acquired Calvert machine, showed excellent speed and tactics to win from the gradually sobering team of Warren and Robinson.

It was all to play for in race three after a quick lunch; again the fleet was of first time but young Matt got off to an early lead which he never gave up. Jackson and Warren fought tooth and nail for second, where William just got the nod.

That left Matt to take his first (and Iím sure not his last) Silver Tiller. John Donoghue did the prize-giving despite a rowdy four legged friend not liking the clapping (sorry about that).

Thanks to all the visitors and organisers for making this a great event

Report: Colin Brockbank

Top 6 Results:

1st Matt Biggs
2nd Alex Jackson
3rd William Warren
4th Glen Truswell
5th Chris Lewns
6th Will Rainey

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