Wormit Regatta 2005


Following an enquiry on the Merlin Forum from Mike Anslow regarding Merlin’s in Scotland, and assistance from Mags, two enthusiasts organised the first meeting of Merlins in Scotland for many years which took place at Wormit Boating Club on the 4th and 5th of June. Due to the spread and age of boats in Scotland all the competitors agreed that handicap allowances as recommended by the MROA should be used.

There was a leisurely start to proceedings due to a lack of wind but when a light breeze filled in from the south the COD wasted no time in starting the first race which was an all class handicap, a tradition at Wormits open meetings. The race was dominated by the Merlins taking three of the first four places on handicap.
The NSM4 3376 of Calum Brebner/John Karran broke clear and found clear air while Hamish Miles/Ian Robertson in the summer wine 3321 had a position-swapping battle with the NSM1 3242 of Tobi Watson and Richard Holiday.

The second race started with the classes separated and a similar battle going on between Hamish/lan and Tobi/Richard which ended with the same results as the first race with local knowledge perhaps playing its part.
A meeting was held after the second race to discuss future plans for races (amongst other Merlin topics) until it was time to enjoy the BBQ and sample some beer with Hamish winning the race to the bar.

Sunday brought similar conditions, once racing was under way it was clear that the previous night had not dulled peoples desire to improve. With the 1964 Proctor showing that it could still move only missing 3rd by 4 seconds to Hamish and Ian who had been unable to hold onto Tobi and Richard.

Calum and John who had as usual been fast out of the blocks and built up a quick lead were watching both Hamish/Ian and Tobi/Richard eat into their lead - as the wind did them no favours, or was it Calum’s hangover kicking in?!


At the start of the forth race, Hamish who had to beat Tobi to take second overall, tried the “coming over the line from windward and jibing above the boat at the pin” theory - however a lack of space left by Calum and John meant he had to fight back from his OCS.
He made the best of the conditions and assisted by a clump of weed which attached itself to Tobi’s rudder, pulled past and away into second place, however he was unable to close the gap on Calum and John who had built up a substantial lead.
Meanwhile Scott and Tommy had found better pace and were mixing it with Tobi/Richard and Bill/Garry.

The enthusiasm of the sailors and the interest shown from other Merlin owners who were unable to attend has showed that there is demand for some form of organised series in Scotland.
Calum and Hamish will continue to co—ordinate the efforts of Merlin sailors who wish to take part and can be contacted via the Merlin forum on the MROA website.

Report: Hamish Myles
Report: K. Brebner

Overall Results:
1st 	Calum Brebner	John Karran 		3376 
2nd 	Hamish Myles	Ian Robertson 		3321 
3rd 	Tobi Watson	Richard Holiday 	3242
4th 	Bill Sylvester	Garry Rucklidge 	1738
5th 	Scott McColm	Tommy 			3072