Waverney & Oulton Broad Open 2005

Oulton Broad greeted the Merlins with sunshine and a nice breeze. The line up consisted of 16 keen travelers. The first race got away with Glen Truswell and Paul Davies storming off leading the pack round all the tight legs set up surrounding the edges of the broad to the finish. Richard Whitworth and Ellie fought hard to beat Will Rainey and 'The Twink' for second and third respectably.

After refreshments Glen and Davo led the second race until they made a nautical blunder letting the chasing pack through. Whitworth took line honours followed by Dan Alsop and Jenny King. Rainey and Stinkey came in 3rd.

The third race was led off by Felix and Willy Warren digging deep to lead for most of the race, but not quite deep enough as Whitworth sniggled through to pip him at the post. Dan Alsop and Jennie King got third place.
This gave Whitworth the open with Alsop second and Rainey third.

Other notable achievments were Alan Fullers long distance driving challenge - he managed London to Oulton Broad four times in one day. Pretty impressive but best not ask him about it! Also David Lapes for missing the first race due to washing his hair. It did look lovely though!

The fleet packed up and trundled two miles off to Lowestoft where in the evening a dinner was put on by the club to celebrate Duncan Salmon's 48th year on the Merlin circuit.

Report: Andy Dalby

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