Tamesis Easter Regatta

Light and variable winds tested the skills and patience of both helms and crews of the 14 Merlins which took part in the Tamesis Easter regatta on Sunday 27 and Monday 28 March. Boats which had pulled out in front of the fleet on the up-river run had to work hard to maintain their lead in the flat spots and several were overtaken when boats well behind them were favoured with a more positive breeze which failed to reach the leaders before their oncoming rivals. Monday brought the consolation of warm sunshine to liven the sailing but a cold north easterly wind and grey skies added to the frustration on Sunday. Nine of the 14 Merlins qualified and the Merlin Trophy was retained by last year's winners, John Harris and Margaret Stokes in Passing Cloud.
1st Passing Cloud (1079) John Harris & Margaret Stokes
2nd Wild Card (3656) Rob Wilder & Tom McLaughlin
3rd Omega (1605) Andrew & Nim Harris

Report: Rob Wilder