Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Open 2005

Force three, big old hoofin' brown wobbly waves and a nautical challenge of a race course. This was the mission set by RNSYC for the traditional long race across the Lowestoft beachfront.

Starting against a strong tide John Bell and Graham Williamson (last year's winners) banged hard left towards the sand bar while the rest of the Merlins chose to stick to the beach. Bell got it right as he rounded first, clear by a country mile.

Mike Stephens and Andy Douglas rounded second chasing hard. The breeze built continuously, as did the waves. A few competitors had early swims but Whitworth and Ellie sailed well to come through to second and Alan Warren and Little Liam finishing a glorious third. Alan may be getting a bit creaky but he's still clinging onto the rostrum!

The club put on a very welcome fish lunch and John Bell wrapped up with a tear jerking winners speach. Another cracking mad Merlin weekend!

Report: Andy Dalby

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