Warming pan 2005

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First weekend of the Holt Silver Tiller
It is fitting that Holts - who have agreed to sponsor the entire Silver Tiller Series – were also the sponsors of the ‘Warming Pan’ and Merlin’s had by far the biggest class.


The weekend had the makings of a cold northerly blast and indeed Saturdays racing started off that way. The course was from the HRSC start line on a fantastic hairy reach out of the River to ‘Bald Head’ navigation mark keeping all the navigation posts the right side.
Glen Truswell and Paul Davies led the charge in ‘Rong Number’ but they clearly are not familiar with the normal conventions of navigation, as they left one of the posts the wrong side and had to go back. That left Judith Massey and Phil Dalby in ‘Artemis’ out in front on the long beat up Southampton Water to the ‘Cat Head’ area where the asymmetric classes course was.
We then joined in their course for 3 laps where Judith remained in control despite some significant shifts in the offshore breeze. This is where Steve an Ally Tyler in ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ came through to second after some really close racing with Willie Warren/ Liam Dempsey, Colin Brockbank / Martin Hughes, Dave Winder/ Jilly Blake and John Bell/ Chairman GGGG - who are getting quite skilled at recovering from capsizes!

Next race was a start out on the asymmetric course and race round the buoys until signalled to go back to the river and race up to the club line. Glen and Davo were leading this from a close pack of the ‘usual suspects’ including Pat and Anna Blake, Dan Alsop/ Jennie King and Graham Scroggie/ Frances Lovell. When the signal came Glen and Davo again misunderstood the directions and missed out all the river marks, leaving a really close race for the final beat up the river with Tyler crossing tacks with Blake, Warren and Winder who finished in that order.


Sunday was a whole different game of light northerly breezes. After a short beat up to a buoy off the Royal Southern it was long run out of the river against the flood tide. Dave Winder and Jilly were leading from Pat and Anna Blake and Dan Alsop/ Jennie King – they took the Hamble side while John Bell and Graham made an early decision to cross to the Warsash side. By the time the fleet got out into Southampton Water, Winder had a long lead but Bell, Alsop, Blake and Tyler were nip and tuck. The course was south along the shore towards Hill Head and the flood tide was strong against the fleet. Winder took a more direct line while the others followed the shore and made huge gains. After some laps of the windward/leeward course in a failing breeze Bell won from Blake, Tyler and Alsop.

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Report: Pat Blake
Photos: Phil Plumtree