Cookham Open 2005

Sunday the 17th of April dawned a quiet and tranquil day on the Cookham Reach, the sun was out and the bells of Holy Trinity Church sounded out as a few iterant Merlin Rocket sailors gathered to discuss whether it was worth rigging their boats for the forthcoming Thames Series Open Meeting.


Those who did surely didn’t regret their decision as, on cue, the southerly wind filled in at the start of the first race and the day got more exciting by the minute. The sailors of the 27 boats that shared the Reach had plenty to think about as the racing was about as good as it gets on ‘The River’. Seriously competitive stuff, very close racing with plenty of tie breaks in the end after three races on the group system. Every boat has a story to tell but by the end of the day there were plenty of tired and happy sailors – all thinking ‘if only I had ……..’ That is except for Rob Wilder and Tom McLaughlin who went away with the ‘Cookham Shield’ one of the historic Merlin-Rocket Trophies that everyone in the class wants to put their name on.

It was a really good day – thanks to everyone from Cookham for organising it and thanks to all the visitors for turning up in such great numbers.

Report: Pat Blake
Photos: Samantha Sutton
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