Topmast team racing 2005

Unfortunately the wind and traffic gods were not being cooperative, but the racing got underway after a short delay. Seven teams competed in one round robin the racing was very close and tactical with the wind throwing in a few spoilers. Jenny Taylor stood out with some impressive tactics but all to no avail; It was the Winders' boatspeed and handling that dominated.

All the competitors had a great day's racing and the umpires despatched Judge Dredd style instant justice keeping the whole this flowing as quickly as the wind would allow. Bill Brockbank and his team did a great job of organising things on the water.

After sailing each other team once the results were:
      Hollingworth 6-0
      Tamesis 5-1
      Wembley 4-2
      Cookham 3-3
      Midland/Wembley All Stars 2-4
      Leigh and Lowton 1-5
      Wembley B 0-6

The semi-finals:
      Hollingworth vs. Cookham 2-1
      Tamesis vs. Wembley 0-2

The final between Wembley and Hollingworth was controlled by the Winders to win 2-0 in the best of 3; Tamesis beat Cookham in the 3rd place sail-off.

Those who came had a great day - those that didn't missed a treat.

Report: David Lapes