Salcombe Week 2008

10 year reign broken!

No, we're not talking about Phil King, its that useless ball of fire known as the sun, currently being looked for in vain across the UK (it's only July for goodness sake!).

After 10 years of glorious weather at Salcombe, Merlin Rocket Week was overcast and dull. Whilst we've had strong winds before, losing a day's racing to a F8 isn't often seen, and as for launching from Mill Bay - well, surfing perhaps. The photos look very odd as they show empty beaches. So the fleet spent the week at Batson boat park; almost unheard of!

And they're off!
The famous swatters hit hard

Anyway, we have a new name to add to the list of past winners - Andy Davis, and let us not forget the vital role played by his crew Ellie Bremer (N.B. the vital role played in the nightly socials, we mean). Read the full results here.

Other noticeable performances for the week were Michael Hamilton and Amy Hammond who sailed their 35 year old Merlin ‘Tyrannasaurus Rex’ to 69th and won the classic boat prize.

The Club Trophy went yet again to Cookham, and it was no surprise then that the Henderson Cup (best combined family result for 3 entrants) went to the Blake family with Simon Blake fourth, cousin Pip Taylor fifth and Uncle & Aunty Blake in twelfth.

Now, thanks must go to the following people:
So onto the photos! We have a small selection from various people:
Some views never change
Boys in pink?!