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Welcome to our all new and improved Merlin Rocket Owners Association Website. We have spent the last few months developing a new website offering our members that little bit more, we are pleased with the results and hope you like it too!

The fun features

We now have a designated ‘Members Area’. When logged into the website, as a Full Member or an Associate Member of the M.R.O.A. you have access to a whole host of new features and treats including:

  1. Archive of all class magazines currently going back to 2005
  2. Archive of class yearbooks currently going back to 2006
  3. Members benefits with discount codes from sponsors of the class
  4. Ability to book and pay for class training online
  5. Access to AGM content
  6. Ability to post on our fancy new forum

The admin bit

  1. If you had a login on our previous website that will work on this new site.
  2. If you have a login and you are a paid-up member of the class association (Full or Associate) all the fancy new features will appear.
  3. If you are a paid-up member of the association but do not have a login you will need to create one to make the most of the new website. Go to ‘Join Now’, complete the form but do not complete the payment section. Your application will be reviewed and once confirmed (this is done manually so please be patient) you will have access to all areas.
  4. If you are not a member and would like to join you can do so via the ‘Join Now’ section and complete the process including the payment and your membership will go through to Martin who looks after our membership.


The Forum is currently read only unless you are logged in as a member, this is something we are addressing, but one step at a time! In the meantime, we are aware that we often get news of marriages, births and deaths of Merlin Rocket Sailors, or they are seeking information on a specific boat and appreciate that this is something you wish to share, if this is the case and you are not a member, please contact our Class Secretary (details on the website), as we can post this on your behalf.

Moving forwards

As a non-member you have access to more information on the class and our events, perhaps enough to entice you to join?

We hope you like what you see, the site has been thoroughly tested, but please bear with us as we get things up and running, this is new to us all!



Wed, 26 May 2021 09:28:56 EST
Update from the Chairman
𝗔𝗻𝗻𝘂𝗮𝗹 𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗠𝗲𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗻' 𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗲
The Annual General Meeting of the Merlin Rocket Owners’ Association will be held at Salcombe Yacht Club, on Saturday 4th July 2021 starting at 1800hrs immediately after registration and briefing for Salcombe Week - please note the earlier start time than for previous years.

The Agenda for the meeting and the audited accounts for the year ended 31st December 2020 will be published in the Summer issue of the magazine. Please note that any resolution to be moved at the AGM must be sent to the Honorary Secretary, to arrive at least 63 days before the date of the AGM - i.e. by 1st May 2021. For further details, please refer to the Owners’ Association Rules, Rule 6 (iv) (a) in the Year Book. Those that submitted resolutions in 2020 will be contacted to re-submit them should they still wish for them to be put forward.
Update 5th May 2021
ew advice from the RYA has been made available to the MROA Committee regarding the Coronavirus Act (2020), and the accompanying case law, which now provides greater flexibility to organisations holding general meetings. This new information is extremely useful in highlighting how the MROA can use the Act to ensure a quorate meeting can be held this year, in alignment with our Association Rules.

On the basis of this information, the MROA Committee have voted by majority for a hybrid AGM with both virtual and physical presence catered for. This will take place on the date and time detailed in the Membership magazine going out this week. This will ensure that any MROA member will be able to attend, should they choose to do so, regardless of their location, and that they can choose whether they prefer to attend in person or through virtual means.

The committee are working on the finer details for the hybrid meeting and ask for Members to keep an eye on the MROA Website for further details. It is likely that pre-registration for virtual attendance will be required, but we will provide more details as soon as possible.

In the unlikely event that the AGM cannot happen physically, an EGM will be called by the Committee, for later in the year. We expect this to either be a hybrid event or a fully virtual one.

Chris Kilsby
M.R.O.A. Chair

Please visit designated page in the Members area for AGM updates.
Sat, 22 May 2021 19:27:32 EST
Rules update from the Chairman
Being an Open/Restricted class dinghy, rather than a strict one-design, ensures the ethos of our beloved class is to continuously develop, be up to date in design and materials and, in modern parlance, stay “relevant”. 
This presents opportunities that intrigue the most creative of boat designers, builders and amateur sailors alike. We amaze each other with our ingenuity in developing ways of controlling our three sails and reducing the drag on our hulls and appendages. Few large classes have seen such invention as witnessed by the interest seen at the Dinghy Show.
Central to this development are the restrictions within our Class Measurement Rules. These need to be kept under review to ensure that any developments devised by clever and creative designers and sailors do not threaten the ongoing appeal of the class, for reasons of ethos, cost or practicality. Some new restrictions have been very consequential, as in the case of the earlier revision to the bilge keel rule to prevent the fairing in of planks, or less so in the case of rudder fences*. Either way, this creates a cycle of continuous improvement and provides hours of discussion in the bar. More recently, hours of Zoom calls!
(*Rudder Fences. Please note that the pre-2020 rule that prohibits fences has now been re-instated. Best check your rudder complies for the new season!)
As a National Class, crucially the RYA is the final arbiter of our rules and any changes supported by a vote at a Class general meeting require RYA ratification. The Class is encouraged to discuss potential changes informally with the RYA to pre-empt later difficulties. Similarly, any individual owners who believe they have discovered a loophole that could provide a mind-blowing advantage are also encouraged to approach the RYA directly for advice, rather than springing it on the fleet only to find later on that it is not allowed.  However, before reaching a decision on any individual enquiry or proposal for a rule change it is the RYA’s practice to consult the Class for its views on the matter.

Apart from this need for the rules to keep abreast of new developments, the 2014 transition to the ISAF format has continued to give rise to a significant number issues whereby the intention of the rules has been inadvertently changed, becoming either more or less restrictive, or indeed ambiguous. A good example of this was the miss-interpretation of our Hull Weight description that was identified by Dan and subsequently rectified by the RYA.

Whilst these have in the main been addressed and corrected as they arose, more recently there has been an increase in the number of matters arising and, in some cases, in their potential complication or importance. The lack of a recent general meeting has also resulted in a backlog of resolutions to be determined.
To assist in addressing this difficult situation your Committee, under Chris’s chairmanship, has recently taken two initiative, Firstly, the role of Technical Officer carried out by Dan Alsop is now being supported by a newly constituted Rules Sub Committee. Secondly, an independent comparison of the pre and post ISAF rules has been undertaken by an external review group whose report is currently being considered by the Rules Sub Committee. Those items with legs will subsequently be put to the main committee and finally the AGM for approval. 
However, to avoid the aforementioned hours of discussion in an AGM (above a noisy and inviting bar), we propose to share these with the membership for written discussion some time before to ensure all pros and cons are considered and subsequently shared with members. In a more streamlined and efficient process, we can then vote online (or other) on the final proposals for later submission and approval at the AGM.
We hope that this methodology will maintain the evolutionary nature of the Merlin Rocket and pro-actively encourage the creative, ingenious and down-right bloody minded to continue to produce both safe and wildly extreme designs, and everything in between.
While the current restrictions and Zoom are a challenge, look out for updates in the summer. If you’re not too busy on the water.
Happy designing, experimenting and sailing.”
Rules Sub-Committee
Sat, 22 May 2021 19:25:27 EST