Results :: Upper Thames S.C. De May Vintage Event



Six visitors were welcomed to Upper Thames on Saturday 28th June 2014, for the De May series vintage racing and Spade Oak Bowl trophy race in the afternoon.
The forecast was poor with showers expected and light winds, predominantly from the South or South West, and the day dawned overcast and quiet. Our Race Officer, Roger Cooper, opted to use the angled club line for the start of the first race, as the wind had filled a little and this would help stop the fleet of fourteen massing on the Berkshire (South) bank of the river. The Medium mark, laid upstream adjacent to the end of Spade Oak meadow, meant that deciding when to cross the river to pick up the breeze on the Bucks bank beyond Ferry Cottage would be crucial.
The fleet got away at the first attempt, with Pat and Jilly Blake clear away in Tiercel; Martin and Jacques Hunter sailing Quiver, Laurie Smart and Vanessa Pilon, sailing Flipside and Rob and Helen Wilder sailing Flinkidink all close behind. On the second lap, Martin managed to sail through Pat’s lee to take the lead, and Laurie and Rob were soon ahead of Pat, as he fell victim to the large holes in the wind around Ferry Cottage. Martin took the gun, with Rob in second and Laurie in third, although with the handicap adjustments the final positions would alter.
The second race started with a few drops of rain in the air, but by the middle of the race, the heavens had opened and the wind died to a few zephrs. Many boats retired as the conditions deteriorated and the struggle over the current became tiresome. The race finished, to the relief of all, with Quiver over the line first but scored OSC. Laurie finished in first place, Rob in second, and Richard and Gabrielle Pausey sailing Robin Hood in third.
After everyone had had the opportunity to dry off and get warm and fed, the third race for the Spade Oak Bowl had to be postponed through a lack of wind, but eventually conditions improved enough to allow the race to start. Flipside and Quiver led the depleted fleet, with Martin taking the lead at the windward mark. The wind died again during the middle of the race and it became another floating contest with Martin well ahead of the fleet. Laurie finished second with Rob in third.
Our thanks go to all the competitors for attending the meeting, the race team and safety boat crews. Although the conditions were poor, the camaraderie of the fleet kept everyone going.
The club looks forward to welcoming the De May series fleet back next year.
Richard Pausey
Photos courtesy of Debbie Kite


PosSail No.HelmCrewClubR1R2R3Pts
1st1097Rob WilderHelen WilderTamesis‑1112
2nd774Martin HunterJacques HunterUTSC3OCS14
3rd1065Laurie SmartVanessa PilonUTSC‑2224
4th1950Dana ChurchTim ColeTamesis‑10448
5th1700Pete WalkerDebbie WalkerUTSC‑55510
6th2040Richard PauseyGabrielle PauseyUTSC83DNF11
7th2266Chris RathboneAlex PauseyUTSC76DNS13
8th1170Euan StronachSam CrockfordUTSC‑128614
9th901Pat BlakeJilly BlakeCRSC4DNFDNS19
10th1906Matt KiteTom Percival‑SteinUTSC137DNF20
11th607Berry RitchieSue HarrisTamesis6DNFDNS21
12th2604Jeremy SteinSarah PercivalUTSC149DNF23
13th1189Ben MarshallSel ShahMinima/TSC9DNFDNF24
14th723Mervyn AllenLora StockTamesis11DNFDNS26


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