Wembley Silver Tiller Open Meeting 17 March 2019

24/02/2019 18:54:45
The Wembley Silver Tiller is on the 17 March 2019 and we are ready with our usual race team and looking forward to welcoming you all.
Entry Fee: £ 20 (£ 10 for an under 21 boat) Registration and payment can either be paid on-line or at the club on the day.
Briefing 10.45
First Start: 11:30
Races: 3 back to back
Launch Time: 5 minutes 

The NoR and Sailing Instructions are available on line at http://www.wembleysailingclub.co.uk/club-racing-merlin.html
As ever we are including bacon butties and our famous/infamous Chilli con Carne lunch in the entry fee. Bottles of water and Mars bars will also be available from the rescue boats between races.

Parking is getting tighter and I suggest:
 - Unhitch your boat by the club gate on Birchen Grove then drive round and use the main car park (as most already do)
 - Leave roadside and the limited club parking space for those who have vehicles that don't meet car park height restriction.
When you arrive do walk the boat round to the shore and slipways as there is plenty of space available to rig your boat including a beach launch at the far end of the club site.
Get in touch if you need either the Friday or Saturday drop-off or any other help - see the NoR for contact details.
We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone at the Wembley Silver Tiller on the 17th March.

26/02/2019 10:23:56
Thanks John 
Sure it will be wee bit warmer Han last year 
Woof woof  

10/03/2019 05:36:51
Looks excellent forecast   a tad better than the beast from the east 

10/03/2019 08:23:17
We have a few good crews available at the weekend
If interested call colin

10/03/2019 14:23:00
Rob Hatley
We're planning on being there. First time on the water at WSC in about 15 years I reckon. Really looking forward to it.
I will need two new shrouds before then so hoping GON will be able to sort me out.

10/03/2019 16:34:33
John Green
Looking forward to seeing you back at Wembley Rob.

11/03/2019 16:31:18
Can we sail on saturday?

11/03/2019 16:37:17
Yes you can   try to keep clear of the other sailing club racing  they sail GPS and some lasers from about 1 to 4 
You can sail in their racing area just don't get in their way  

11/03/2019 16:39:04
Yes you can   try to keep clear of the other sailing club racing  they sail GPS and some lasers from about 1 to 4 
You can sail in their racing area just don't get in their way  

13/03/2019 21:32:09
Any idea what the Height restriction is for the car park. I have a Volvo XC90 which is pretty tall??

14/03/2019 01:23:09
Will find out   a normal  ford transit can get under it
You can bring her through the main gate and leave it there if it's a problem  
Could anybody wanting to sail on Saturday .Let us now when   mobile is 07969132571 

16/03/2019 13:19:53
2 metres max height

16/03/2019 13:20:17
2 metres max height

17/03/2019 20:12:03
Rob Hatley
What a day !   Great fun, and fantastic to see so many old friends.
I managed to come away with three Typhoon dinghy boots, size 10ish. The spare is identical to mine and is the left.
I'll be back at WSC somewhere during the week if that helps.
If a WSC drop off is no good, let me know your address and I will post.

18/03/2019 07:21:12
Rob Hatley
Oh good grief. It turns out I picked up two pairs of Typhoon dinghy boots, identical to mine.
Let me know if you're missing your boots and I will get them back to you.
I can only blame extreme knackerdness and confusion after being near beaten to death by the hail.
Apologies again for the inconvenience caused. 


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