Manor Park Open

26/09/2016 12:51:27
Hi all,
Manor Park SC is hosting a Merlin open on Sunday 2nd October. Have just noticed that the calendar has listed it as 25th September. 
3 races, first race will start approximately 11:00am.
See you there,

26/09/2016 18:32:07
Chris Martin
Directions to the club - 
From Lichfield take A51 towards Rugeley. Straight on at Traffic lights. At Island take 3rd exit onto A515. Follow A515 for approx. 3.5 miles. Turn left onto A513 for Rugeley. After about 0.75 miles entrance is on right just after white house (signpost opposite). For parking ignore first car park, drive past club building and bear left.
Please support this event if you possibly can - be a good venue for next year and we could do with getting back up to 10 events

28/09/2016 06:37:45
Martin Smith
For clarity this is a Midland Circuit event it is not a Silver Tiller event.

30/09/2016 19:09:23
K Mason
I was a bit surprised by the NOR - membership of the MROA isn't a pre-requisite - I guess you don't get any circuit points if you're not a member anyway. maybe make it next year.

01/10/2016 16:03:00
Chris M
This isn't an MROA event so we have no jurisdiction over the NOR and the club can award the trophy to whoever they like.

Obviously we can - and will - award circuit points to our members only

That's how it's always been. I bet if you look in a lot of SIs for different clubs I bet you'll find that class association membership is mandatory and of course it's never enforced! 1

01/10/2016 18:49:47
Kieron Mason
Thanks Chris, understood, thought it would be an MROA event as it was a Midland Circuit event, but I get the principal of awarding points from a non MROA event -just curious - probably a whole different can of worms and since I'm not going to be there it seems a bit picky to mention it ... de rigging the boat and re rigging it twice tipped the balance for me but maybe next time. 

02/10/2016 17:26:12
Chris Martin
All went well given the dire forecast, we got two races in before it died completely.
Thanks to MPSC for hosting us 

02/10/2016 17:36:15
Alex Shaw
Here are the results from the Merlin Open today. Very light winds but managed to sail two races.
Thanks to everyone who came, some really close and enjoyable racing and great company! Hope to see you all and more next year, there might even be some wind!

Rank  No.          Boat name                Helm                     Crew                Club              1         2  Overall
1st  | 3716 | Carbon Footprint    | Steve Leney       | Gill Leney         | Blithfield     |    1      |  3   |  4
2nd | 3744 | Mylo Xyloto           | Chris Martin      | Oliver Maclean | Midland       |    2      |  4   |  6
3rd | 3743 | Pokin The Turtle      | Matt Biggs        | Jamie Mason     | Blithfield     |    6      |  2   |  8
4th | 3610 | Needlemakers          | Sam Hirst          | Carl Martin        | Swarkstone |    3      |  5   |  8 
5th | 3624 | Stab In The Dark      | Phil Mason       | Paula Mason      | Blithfield    | 8(Dnf) |  1   |  9
6th | 3583 | Back To The Future | Colin Anderson | Alex Shaw        | Blithfield     |    4      |  6   |  10
7th | 3519 | Brain Salad Surgery | Ian Shaw           | Cheryl Shaw     | Manor Park |     5     |  7   |  12


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