Rutland Training 2016 - Sat 30th April & Sun 1st May

02/03/2016 12:01:03
Hi All,
Rutland 2016 is on the horizon,  a link to the entry form below….
We’ll follow a similar format to previous years namely splitting the weekend into 4 sessions predominantly focussing around boat handling, tacking/gybing, starting, racing techniques and rig/tuning.
Those that have been before can leapfrog the 'back to basics’ classroom session and hit the water early.
We’ll split the fleet into smaller groups of similar ability so that we can do the same exercises against our peers and round things off with a couple of big fleet starts and mini races to finish.
The food is inclusive on both days, brew/bacon butty for breakfast (upgradable), jacket/salad for lunch, and a two course evening meal. It isn’t silver service but it’s wholesome food to keep the aspiring olympian going. 
The cost this year is £160 with the exceptional offer to under 25s of a 50% discount courtesy of the MROA.
It’s a cracking weekend, another throw your car keys away event to socialise with your Merlin mates. The level of attendee is raising all the time with the ST event winner taking part in the ‘gold fleet’ last year.
It’s a great learning experience both from the coaches and shared learning within the fleet, everyone will take something away!
Get in touch if you’d like more details or just email the entry form and transfer your money.

23/03/2016 18:27:56
Frances Gifford
Hi folks,

Just encouraging people to let Richard know if they are planning to attend the Rutland training in May. It really helps with the planning. 

My brother went a couple of years ago and says it is the best thing the MROA has.... They benefited massively from it. 

Whatever your Merlin aspirations, the training is the perfect place to improve, boat handling, starting, understanding boat set-up, whatever it is you want to work on. 

Full details in the post above. 


23/03/2016 19:58:35
I am bringing 3571 + crew and we have booked accommodation.  I couldn't get Richard's document to download via the interwebdropboxthingy though but will try again!!

26/03/2016 11:53:48
Dana Church
I am interested in participating in the Merlin training on Rutland at end of April.
Just saw the enrollment form. I am not a MORA member and my crew is not so committed to join.
Is membership of the MORA mandatory to take part?
Dana Church
MR #3411

27/03/2016 18:33:27
Martin Smith

Yes I believe you have to be a member of the association, but why would you choose not to be?

You get the year book and magazines and the association subscriptions go in to promoting the class and offering discounted entry fees to younger sailors at certain events plus lots of other behind the scenes stuff.

Not only that but in order to have your results counted at Silver Tiller events the owner of the boat has to be a fully paid up member of the MROA and the helm if not the owner has to be either a full or associate member of the MROA, guests can compete at individual events and record a result but they will not be counted in the overall ST results (ST rule 11) 
Its only £25 a year so please do join. 

28/03/2016 13:14:55
Sam Hirst
Hi guys,
Carl and myself will be joining for the weekend training at Rutland, with Needlemakers 3610.
We shall be emailing the entry form and transferring money this coming week.
 Is there any lodging available at Rutland SC this year and if so how do we go about booking in?
Kind regards,
Sam Hirst

28/03/2016 13:42:23
Martin Smith
Sam you book the bunk rooms direct with Rutland sailing club.

28/03/2016 19:15:55
Liz Wells
We plan to go to the training - we need it! First  time for us.
Does the fee include the ST and accommodation too?

28/03/2016 20:22:51
Martin Smith
No accommodation is included, it's bunk rooms from the club, camping in the adjacent field or find a B&B or hotel.
The ST fee is not included unless this year is different to previous years but I suspect not.

01/04/2016 17:57:45
Richard Whitworth
I’m down at Salcombe this weekend if anyone wants a chat about the Rutland training.

03/04/2016 21:51:54
Andrew Mills
Re accommodation at Rutland, think I have posted this before, the field is literally just across the road outside the club gate, hardly any distance and has the advantage of peace and quiet away from the snorers in the bunk rooms (which are literally that, rooms with bunks in and nothing else housing up to 8 so chances of one snorer quite high after imbibing Everards ale).  However Rutland in early May can be surprisingly chilly so if you go for the camping option make sure you have a really good sleeping bag.

03/04/2016 22:13:47
Brian Cobb
There is a Travel Lodge on the A1 Colsterworth, 15 miles, 20 min. away.

06/04/2016 19:57:54
Alan 3571
Can we enter the Monday ST races on the weekend if we are up there training ?

06/04/2016 20:23:12
Kieron Mason
I think the boats attending are usually encouraged as a demonstration of how effective the training has been, unless;
a) The boat is broken
b) The helm or crew is broken
c) The helm and /or crew have proven to be a hazard to other water users. 
It has usually been an additional charge (not everyone would want to pay for the ST in the training cost) and is often well attended. We've sailed in flat calms and big winds at Rutland - sometimes in balmy tee shirt days or hiding under the boats from big hail stones. We never know what we're going to get on the day.
See you there!

18/04/2016 22:37:15
Olly Turner
Mini Sam and I would like to attend, please.
I can also offer my services, if wanted, in the class room. 

21/04/2016 16:20:59
Getting excited now!  I assume we can turn up on Friday to get the boat rigged/drink healthy juices etc...... what time are we starting on Saturday?!

26/04/2016 07:17:26
Is there a programme somewhere that I have missed?

26/04/2016 11:30:33
Dana Church
Yes, for first timers is there an itinerary available? At least can someone provide a start time on Saturday and a possible meeting point.
Also I'm a bit late in booking. I will try to send completed form and payment this week before Saturday.
Dana Church
MR #3411

27/04/2016 10:20:36
Just wondering what time the fun starts on Saturday?  

27/04/2016 12:48:55
John Adams
I have been told that we need be in the training room at 9.30am on Saturday, base layers on, boat covers off ready to throw the sails up and get afloat.
Debriefing should end around 9pm on Sunday night.
John Adams

02/05/2016 21:08:32
John Adams
I would like to thank the Merlin Training team, Richard, Mike and Jane, and the two Phils for a very enjoyable and informative couple of days Merlin training at Rutland.  To organise sunshine and a wind that tested but did not overcome us was the genius touch.
Thanks are also due to Rutland Sailing Club for providing good food, hospitality and facilities.
John Adams

03/05/2016 08:23:48
Alan 3571
Despite finding ourselves a little out of our depth, we had a great time and have identified 4 key things we need to take away and practice, practice, practice!  Thanks to all the instructors and helpers... did someone mention a 'drop box' where we can view the video clips?


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