Bourne End Week

16/05/2015 20:01:41
Anyone need a crew for Bourne End Week? It sounds like fun!

17/05/2015 15:25:57
Alastair Paterson
I am looking for a crew for my MR for BEW.
I am a member at UTSC here in Bourne End and my son normally crews but GCSE's mean he's out of action.
I may not be able to do the Tues / Wed - depends on work.
Let me know if you're interested.

17/05/2015 22:07:20
Beka Jones
Hi Alastair

That would be fine, I finish exams on Friday so can probably get a train down late afternoon. Either that or see if anyone is driving anywhere near Leeds!

I will probably have to book a train to get back on the wedns/thurs but don't mind staying til the end even if we don't sail the last 2 days.


18/05/2015 07:16:50
Alastair Paterson
That's great! 
Drop me a line and we'll sort out the details.
[email protected]



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