Saturday's Salcombe Silver Tiller

27/10/2014 11:35:57
Frances Gifford
Saturday is scheduled to be the final Silver Tiller event.  It is Sea category.  If for weather reasons it is not possible to run racing out at sea, Salcombe will put on a start for us at the beginning of their usual Saturday sequence, and we can have a blast round the harbour, which won't count for ST points.
This seems great to me.  Either we get the required racing out at sea, or in the event that its too windy, we get a full on blast round the harbour. Should just about get the appetite going in time for the dinner.
Should be fun.

29/10/2014 17:45:26
Is there a NoR or any SI's? I can't find them on SYC's site.

29/10/2014 18:26:07
NOR is on this site, on Silver Tiller Dinner thread, posted by Fran.  SI's will no doubt be available at the 10.30 briefing, if not at SYC.

30/10/2014 13:15:22
Or 10.15 Briefing at the boat park as the NOR states.  

05/11/2014 21:09:57
And wasn't it good, even though we couldn't go to sea, a lovely time was had by all, thank you Salcombe yacht club and the organisers of the Silver Tiller dinner - Well done!


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