Hampton weekend of fun

07/10/2014 21:58:22
Phil Dalby
The countdown to the big Hampton weekender starts here, only 11 days to wait.

On Saturday 18th we host vintage racing in the final De May series event of the season, starting at 1100 and culminating in the annual prize giving for the circuit.

Saturday evening sees us enjoying takeaway curry, washed down with real ales, fine wines and a nightcap of Dark'n'stormy.

Sunday is the final Thames series open of the year, with 3 races starting at 1100 and rounding off the weekend with a prize giving for the circuit.

Saturday evening's curry can be ordered from Nicky Page in advance or anytime before 1430 on the day. Menu choices are:
Murgh makhani (mild chicken).
Chicken tikka masala.
Chicken Madras (hot).
All dishes served with rice, naan and vegetable side dish. The cost is £12. Nicky can be contacted at [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you there!

08/10/2014 15:36:16
With the loss of Ranelagh as a silver tiller result would it not make sense to award the Hampton Meeting ST status ?

08/10/2014 19:51:21
Phil Dalby
Hampton would love to host the Silver Tiller. It would top off our 70th anniversary perfectly.

09/10/2014 10:55:57
Frances Gifford
Hi All,
Its too late in the day to change the ST fixtures.  This has come up before.  Sadly there wasn't enough wind at Ranelagh, these things happen.
Looking forward to the grand finale of the Thames Series though (the results will be up just as soon as I work out how to post them.....).  And the curry.

17/10/2014 08:12:16
Phil Dalby
Looks like we're set to enjoy some great breeze this weekend, from a good direction for the Hampton reach.

Better get packing that sailing bag when you get home from work this evening, you don't want to miss the best sail since Looe.

19/10/2014 19:52:50
A big thank you to all at Hampton SC for a great weekends river sailing.. Who says river sailing is boring!! 
Rob Wilder  

19/10/2014 20:30:39
Richard Parslow
Thanks to John Bell for taking me for a nice sail in his boat this afternoon. 'Twas fun.

21/10/2014 09:10:36

21/10/2014 14:58:52
Andrew Mills
Lost wetsuit!!


Somehow I managed to return from Sunday's sailing without my wetsuit, possibly because I was so knackered I couldn't pick it off the floor.  Did anyone else pick it up?  It's a somewhat scruffy (& smelly, sorry!) Typhoon I think Long John in black & grey.  I went to the club yesterday to tie the boat down but it was not in the changing room.  Please could you e-mail me as my phone is on the blink.



It was a pretty vigorous sail!


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