Weymouth ST - details chaned

27/08/2014 23:03:02
Chris Martin
I've just updated the details for the Weymouth ST - the significant change is the saturday start time, it's now 13:00 NOT 14:00 as on the old website.
Please spread the word

01/09/2014 18:16:56
Phil A
Just a reminder for the Weymouth event coming up this weekend. 2 days 5 ST races scheduled.
http://www.wsc.org.uk/merlinrocket - you can preregister from here if you think you might come.
Weather looking good for the weekend. Hope to see you there. Thanks - Phil Ashworth

03/09/2014 20:16:22
Alistair Glen
If we turn up on Friday evening, will it be possible to gain access to the dinghy park?

03/09/2014 21:09:23
Phil A
Yes - the yard at the sailing club will be open until 10:00pm. You will need to take your vehicle away but can leave your boat on its trailer providing you keep the boat/trolley on the trailer during the weekend.
See link http://www.wsc.org.uk/merlinrocket where you can preregister if you think you might come and haven't already done so. Please note that he traffic redirection shown on the map here applies Saturday/Sunday 6am to 8pm so use the normal Trinity Rd route if coming Friday evening.
Thanks - Phil Ashworth

03/09/2014 22:13:20
Alistair Glen
Hi Phil,
Thanks for that.


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