Lymington Silver Tiller and Bart's Bash

20/08/2014 10:57:41
Lou Johnson
The Lymington Silver Tiller will be incorporating Bart’s Bash 2014. 

We have been working closely with the sailing club and the organisers of Bart’s Bash to ensure race 1 on Sunday can count for both Silver Tiller points and the World record attempt.

Here is the bit of admin……..

Still to register?
When you register for Bart’s Bash please can you sign up to the event here, this way we know to expect you and we can make sure your results count!

Already registered for a different club?
21 merlin sailors have already registered, if you would like to change your listing to Lymington, please let me know ([email protected]) and we can get this updated.

We look forward to seeing you in September if not before on the circuit!

Lou and Mark

20/08/2014 12:49:38
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Great work Lou and Mark...!

I am also trying to encourage a number of wooden boats to attend as Magnus and me will be re-launching Niane...!

Sure to be an awesome event...

20/08/2014 14:58:24
I presume it would be possible just to do the Sunday. Given that it is what time is the first race on Sunday likely to be?

21/08/2014 10:26:51
Lou Johnson
Hi Dave,
Although it is a two day Silver Tiller, if you are just able to do the Sunday we can sort something out. The first start is likely to be 1030 on the Sunday.

02/09/2014 14:13:09
I am also only going to be able to do the Sunday, but I am planning on coming.

02/09/2014 14:42:52
I will be sailing in Bart's Bash...but not in a Merlin.
Got myself a crewing job in a Mirror from Bosham.

15/09/2014 15:41:41
Lou Johnson


 In order to help with arrangements for Sunday's Bart's Bash, please can you try and sign up here

I know Jeremy and Dave are planning on just turning up Sunday, if there are any others planning on just doing Sunday please can you let me know.
Many thanks

15/09/2014 15:51:25
Looks like we may well be there in Dancing Brave (Smiffy) 3763, though looking light and need to sort accomodation

15/09/2014 17:17:05
For accommodation try The Mayflower opposite the SC and prime location!

16/09/2014 15:45:42
Andrew Mills
I am hoping to do both days in Heaven Sent but I now have a crewing problem as Ellie has too much work on.  Anyone out there fancy some races in a pretty wooden Merlin, with carbon rig and plenty of string to play with?



07903 955271

17/09/2014 00:58:08
Gareth Griffiths NHRC

17/09/2014 11:14:23
Lou Johnson
Andrew, we are asking around at the club too, I'll be in touch if anyone come up.

17/09/2014 21:37:50
Unfortunately we have had a change of plan. Ruth has had to bail out due to work load. So as things stand will not be attending due to lack of crew. have a good evening and hope the breeze holds this weekend

19/09/2014 09:19:51
Kieron Mason
Is there a facility to leave boats at the club tonight (Friday) and if so, what time would be the latest we could arrive?  Thanks!

19/09/2014 11:37:09
Lou Johnson

 The club and bar are open all evening until 11pm. Feel free to drop your boat off on the club lawn.


19/09/2014 12:14:00
Andrew Mills
Lou, thank you for your call yesterday, however I have not heard from Al or Simon but Jon Seward has been in touch and his daughter Annabel is looking to sail so I am sorted now.  Looking forward to it (though just hope the wind will materialise tomorrow!)

19/09/2014 13:24:40
Kieron Mason
Thanks Lou, if we get away early enough we might pop it over to the club.
PS Does anyone else think Gareth is looking a lot like Ollie Turner in his profile pic these days?

20/09/2014 01:14:21
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Cheers Kieron. 

I didn't post that photo, Mags said that somehow the web has swapped mine and Ollie's pictures over.

Not sure I'll make the first race, paint on the rig won't dry...!

21/09/2014 21:21:56
Lou Johnson

The results are now online 

Silver Tiller

Bart's Bash
Thank you to everyone who came along
Lou and Mark 

22/09/2014 11:43:57
Andrew Mills
Thank you Lou and Mark I really enjoyed the weekend - I must get out in the boat more!  We could have done with a bit more breeze on the saturday though I did get my best result but yesterday fully made up for it and all those beats into the Solent tide and chop have got me back to work with quite a few interesting aches and pains.  Thanks for all the organising and thanks as well to all the club volunteers, it's a real bonus to have the trolley there waiting when you get to the slipway, and a few free calories to hoist in while doing our sing off did help too.




P.S. - Gareth, get that boat finished!

22/09/2014 14:04:34
Kieron Mason
Thanks from us too, great fun sailing on the bumpy stuff, still got a lot to learn!  Sorry we missed the Prizegiving - small 'pack away' hiccup, Congratulations to the winners - as usual we learn a lot from seeing the quicker boats flying around.

24/09/2014 23:21:48
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Andrew hopefully will get her wet tomorrow evening...

Apologies that she wasn't ready.

Look forward to seeing you at the next event, let's stay in touch and let each other know who is doing what...


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