UTSC Open Meeting 28th-29th June

05/07/2013 08:42:31
Richard P
"De May series racing on Saturday morning, with one race in the afternoon for the Spade Oak Bowl, open to all Merlins.\r\n\r\nThames and Silver Tiller Event on Sunday.  Entry fee: £10 for one day, £15 for two days.\r\n\r\nNOR and SIs available on the club website, together with details of the Saturday evening supper.\r\n\r\nOTW Judge presiding on the Sunday for the ST....\r\n\r\nFor further details, please contact me via email.\r\n\r\nLook forward to seeing you there."

25/06/2014 17:56:52
Richard Pausey
Thanks for the advice on finding previous threads!


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