Prize Giving 2013 Midland Circuit

03/01/2014 09:19:49
Happy New Year
It has been suggested that it might be nice for the 2013 Midland Circuit prizes to be awarded at an evening gathering before the start of the 2014 circuit.
The initial idea would be a pub somewhere just off the M42 in the junction 4 area on a midweek evening as opposed to prizes being awarded at the first event of 2014.
Could you please let me know if your intrested and I can looking at arranging if enough people are up for it.

03/01/2014 12:28:11
Chris M
I'm in

03/01/2014 19:06:47
and us

03/01/2014 20:24:58
All round to yours then Martin?

06/01/2014 13:34:41
C A 3583
Sounds good were in

06/01/2014 14:52:24
steve ward
id go for that,


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