Blithfield Open - 8th Sep

02/09/2013 07:30:31
Looking forward to welcoming the fleet to Blithfield.
Forecast looking good.
Bacon Butties from 8.30 to 09.45.
Briefing 10.00. First Race 11.00
If you need to feed the 5000, please let me know so I can order extra bacon.

03/09/2013 12:03:04
Check out the current forecast.
04/09/2013 17:19:48
Do we still need to wash our boats before we come in?

04/09/2013 21:18:34
Chris M
We are supposed to, and obviously if stuff is provided we will be expeted to use it. I'd allow time to wash boats, and just have a cup of tea if they water board forget the wash stuff.

07/09/2013 12:56:05
Mr Skint
Whats the enty fee?

08/09/2013 06:37:03
£15 - cash or cheque. Bacon butties £1.50. Got to be good value. Forecast excellent. Come and play.

11/09/2013 08:18:01
Peter Male
Phil Mason (one of the safety crew) has uploaded 373 photos on to the Club website. A lot of smiling faces - must be one of you in there somewhere.

11/09/2013 08:37:36
Thanks Peter. I am sure my smiling face will be in there somewhere, maybe not on the first run of the first race though!!
16/09/2013 09:37:53
I've got the Blithfield report,and some photos from Don Stokes, but they were to small to use on Y&Y.

Don - are you able to send me larger versions of a few of you photos please? 800px wide.

Ben Archer - you didn't respond to my email, so I must have used the wrong address? Which is the right one?

Blithfield - can I copy your photos for use of Y&Y please? I'd need permission...

20/09/2013 16:08:00
Steve Watson
Some of you may be wondering why there were no boats from Midland at the Blithfield event, one our mates in the Midlands. Our Club was fully committed to the Southport 24 hour race (3 boats), where we came 5th. Well done to Rich, Richard and many others.
The other traveller Merlin sailors were running a Level 2 course at the Club.

Therefore, apologies to our friends at Blithfield for weak support.

MROA dinner on the 26th Oct! at MSC.


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