Ranelagh Open Meeting - Thames Series Opener - Sunday.

07/03/2013 11:55:23
Frances Gifford
Hi All,

Just a reminder that its Ranelagh open meeting on Sunday. The usual format, one great race.

Start time is 11.30. And I'm sure there will be a lovely lunch afterwards.

The start of the Thames Series 2013.

Hoping to see lots of visitors.


07/03/2013 12:47:03
Nick Price (214)
Thanks Fran,
Club will be open from about 9am with bacon rolls and tea for entrants, food after and all for the bargain price of £10 per entry! Modest charge for food if not helm or crew.

07/03/2013 18:18:30
Jon & Harry
Are you doing a Chilli Con Carne and Rice?

07/03/2013 22:23:06
I thought it was chicken lasagne.

08/03/2013 08:06:49
Depends where you bought the meat from. If you used B & Q flooring, it will have lamb in it

11/03/2013 09:25:43
Who won? How many boats?

11/03/2013 10:15:09
Nick Price (214)
18 boats, well won by Fran! Full results below pictures later today.

11/03/2013 14:18:38
Well sailed FG and AJ.


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