Blackpool & Fleetwood Silver Tillers

24/07/2012 20:18:37
Chris Haworth
I have been trying to put details on the website but no-one seems to know the password to let me do so.

The Saturday Sea Silver Tiller will be from the beach at Fleetwood, with the first race to start at 12.15 pm. It will take 15 minutes to sail to the start area, and there will be 2 races sailed back to back. Both races to count.

The Sunday Open Silver Tiller will be run from the Club's premises at Skippool on the River Wyre. The First start will be 13.00, again with 2 races sailed back to back, and only 5 minutes to sail to the starting area.

Boats will be stored overnight in the Club's dinghy park at Skippool, and a bar and food will be available at the Clubhouse. It is also possible to camp within the Club's grounds.

Please note that the sea silver tiller is sailed at Fleetwood 5 miles away from the Club's premises, so DO NOT go to Skippool on Saturday.

For further information please contact Chris Haworth or Jo Harvey on 01253 773331 (mob 0771 887 0765)

25/07/2012 14:46:35
Event details should be emailed to me.
I've updated the relevant webpage now.

25/07/2012 17:22:39
Chris Haworth
Thanks mags

01/08/2012 16:38:14
What's the entry fee going to be? Is it only two races due to tide constraints or is it two longer races?


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