Blithfield results

21/03/2012 15:44:50
Hi Chris

Downloaded the results to do ST and think several places are wrong.
9/10 need swapping due to lowest scrore
21/22 need swapping due to lowest scrore
25/26 need swapping due to lowest scrore

If correct please let me and Paul know

Cheers, Ross

21/03/2012 21:27:13

You are correct - blame the computer not the b*** that set it up.
Sorry to all concerned.
Revised results should be on the Club website within 24 hours.

21/03/2012 22:23:02
Tim Male
I have corrected the results... why do we always get caught out with sailwave?*
I've added the report onto the results to make up. (Did anybody take any photos?)
*we were intending to use HALs results but had IT issues.
21/03/2012 22:55:39
Tim, we might have some from the shore - I'll send them separately so they can be selected and reduced to suit

22/03/2012 09:36:51
Thanks. Not sure why Sailwave gets that wrong sometimes, would have thought it was designed to handle that automatically.

22/03/2012 15:50:27
John Murrell
It's all in the back of the Sailwave programme. There are a number of variables that you have to click on (or off)and what version you are using. It took me a bit of head scratching to get it right for Salcombe, but once the hair grew back it was worth it and Merlin Week results seemed to always be right (I think?)

Having tried both Hals and Sailwave, I would always use the latter.

22/03/2012 23:41:31
Hi - some photos on Flikr of the Blithfield Open - Tim / Chris you're welcome to download any of them for the Blithfield web site.[email protected]/sets/72157629282095222/
23/03/2012 14:25:38
Ever elpful
Y & Y Report too
23/03/2012 17:39:33
If the photographer will give permission, I can copy one or two for use on the Y&Y site....?

23/03/2012 17:48:58
Hi Mags , yes of course, thanks for asking all the same, if you would prefer original files let me know, but those on the site are pretty large at about 3mb from recollection, more than enough for print.


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