bloody mary

31/12/2009 14:09:32
ben hollis
just a quick question is anyone going to the bloody mary !!

02/01/2010 15:31:51
sure there will be loads going

my owner is and duncan for sure, think 4 from wembley in total

05/01/2010 09:08:46
Northerly, sunny and force 4. Skiffs may be light in numbers as the wind chill will be crippling. Good Merlin weather though with mainly shy broad reaches.

05/01/2010 15:01:50
do u think it will be frozen over ?

05/01/2010 15:09:27
Having looked at the forcast there is a very good chance it will be. It is not going to get above freezing till next week at Queen Mary and has not been for a few days. According to WInd Guru that is!!

05/01/2010 15:27:49
I'd second Jez on the temperatures; and if the snow arrives, it could be slippery ashore by then. IIRC there's a steep climb to the dinghy park, and a steep descent into the water (or onto the ice).

05/01/2010 16:10:37
Nick 2997
Yes, but based on last year's experience, the launching/recovery was assisted and went very smoothly. We even got given a restorative mini-bottle of whisky on coming ashore! If the snow doesn't block the roads and the event goes ahead, we'll definitely be going...

05/01/2010 16:15:14
Hardy Southerner
You wimps. I remember when I was a lad we would sail with the spray freezing on the decks of the old Merlin. The spinni was frozen in the chute. The sheets had to be pushed through the blocks due to them freezing, and that was in a force 3-4. Youngsters these days your getting soft. Likelihood of QM freezing very low due to the water movement. So just get down there sail get a little cold and warm up in the bar with a whisky Mac or five. P.s. in my day we did not have dry suits.

05/01/2010 17:36:51
....yes and in your day driving home after 5 whisky macs wasnt a problem!

05/01/2010 18:19:25
ben hollis
hopefully it wont be frozen and the snow will clear looking forward to the sail but maybe the whiskey a little more lol !!

05/01/2010 18:31:32
Hardy Southerner
Tis easy, one has ones chauffer to drive one home. Then it is not a problem.

06/01/2010 21:11:55
Eh -you were lucky Hardy Southener.We would set out in t'old Rocket with just vest and shorts on, fall in , turn blue, and had to have us heart started with jump leads attached to Morris Bullnose. the we had a boottle of brandy each and went home in wet vest, shorts, and slipover on t'bike, cycling 2 days on diet of small coal and stale bread. Merlin sailors today dont know what its' like to be cold

06/01/2010 21:14:42
Chris M
I might pop down for a look-see but given that it was barely tolerable last year i'll give this year a miss given that it looks worse!

07/01/2010 01:40:31
Sailed it a few times but one time crew fell in and his long hair froze to his lifejacket?? Oh and the mainsheet that I coiled up a few days earlier could be held horizontally!! Still finished though and loved every moment Cheers Allez!!

07/01/2010 08:21:28
ben hollis
does anyone know if it is still in liquid form and not frozen ?

07/01/2010 09:31:19
Launching and recovery could be a right mission - do we have any inside info anywhere?

07/01/2010 09:31:35
Hardy Southerner
Just spoken to QMSC, at this time they are expecting the Bloody Mary race to run. The water is not frozen, and they have wind. They do not expect this to change over the next few days. However they will be making a final call on Friday morning, and are intending to post on the website if it is not on. QM web address is

07/01/2010 09:39:54
Hardy Southerner
Eh, you were lucky salcombebloke, with your Mediterranean micro climate. When we got up in the morning, before having gone to bed, had to scrape the ice off our eye balls. And coal, you were lucky. we would huddle round our old boots trying to get what heat we could from the day previous. But Eck they were grand days them were. When men were men or at least hoped they were, but could not tell, it was to bl---y cold.

07/01/2010 12:00:48
Sounds like it's going to be another very cold one this weekend!! Kelly and I won't be able to make it sadly as we're sailing a 60ft Maxi around the Whitsunday Islands instead ;-) I don't think we'll need worry about freezing sheets or cleats.... Hope it's a good one though!!!

PS bumped into Mr Gilbert in Sydney last weekend wih his new 14 footer. He's currently in 5th place!!

08/01/2010 09:44:11
Hardy Southerner
QM to make decision 2:00 pm today (Friday). It will be posted on there website

08/01/2010 10:46:40

08/01/2010 10:52:27
oops they have put Jan 10th on the QM website.

08/01/2010 11:13:34
It's a company so there. Not a person so their

08/01/2010 12:03:53
Used as possesive pronoun, therfore 'their' is correct.

08/01/2010 12:18:45
Na na na na na so there, or is it their.

08/01/2010 12:24:52
Or even THEREFORE !!

08/01/2010 15:03:39
Hardy Southerner
Bloody Mary is going ahead. Happy sailing to all who go. But do remember to dress up warmly.

08/01/2010 15:46:53
Richard S
Sorry xx. "Their" is a possessive adjective, not a pronoun, but you are absolutely correct that it should be "their" and not "there".

08/01/2010 19:11:59
check the forecast, one weather website puts the wind chill at -9 ! cold enough to freeze a monkeys bum

09/01/2010 17:13:50
well done richard w and ollie  3rd

505 won it and a rs800 2nd

pretty tuf stuff it looked

09/01/2010 21:05:45
1st 9012, Andy Smithy & Tim Needham, 505 (Staunton Harold)
2nd 978, Neil Ashby & Sam Proctor, RS 800 (Bough Beech SC)
3rd 3691, Richard Whitworth & Olly Turner, Merlin Rocket (Parkstone SC)
4th 2698, Peter Barton & Ben Paton, Cherub (Royal Lymington YC)
5th 3707, Simon Blake & Alex Jackson, Merlin Rocket (Shoreham SC)
6th 1318, Nick Craig, Phantom (Frensham Pond SC)

22nd 3692, Marinus Zilvold & Julie Nuttall, Merlin Rocket (Whitstable YC)
27th 2997, Jon Steward & Nick Yannakoyorgos, Merlin Rocket (Wembley SC)

09/01/2010 21:06:59
Chris M
When does everyone who sailed get released from the lunatic assylum??

10/01/2010 09:45:09
Nick 2997
Probably not for some time! (but we should be out in time for Ranelagh in February)

10/01/2010 10:26:32
gee the 505 has a big spinny hope their handicaps have been adjusted

blotted out the sun

10/01/2010 20:24:25
Richard W
Kath doubted Megan's thoughts on the size of the 505 spinnaker ..... until she saw the photos!

Never question a dog's observations!


10/01/2010 22:21:00
Andrew M
mmm, thinks, could I set one of those on a Merlin?

and what would happen?

Must have been Martin Hunter who set a Contessa 32 (masthead therefore) spinny on his Rater at the Bloody Mary a few years ago

12/01/2010 09:42:54
Correction it was an Etchell kite and he was sailing off a rating for main and jib. Lost the Tiger and Steve Nicholson that year to that configuration. Spoke to the A Raters association and their handicap is for closed and open waters and the kite slipped through as they had not accounted for that problem. Look at the 2007 Tiger photos to see the size of the kite. However, once our B14 had passed nearly all the boats, we were 50 m off the A rater when the gun went. Had just gone through the last Merlin but they even screwed that result up!!!
Back this year if not to cold as 2008 we had to wait so long between races that we froze and would opt out if we had that again. There is more to life than feeling like your in hell for 70 minutes waiting for slower boats!!

12/01/2010 17:47:18
Sister #2
You could always launch a little later Barnsie.... Like 55 mins later.... 

Downstairs for dancing!

13/01/2010 11:01:40
in the gallery
funny story that......!!!

nice one Martin, think you should use a bigger kite next year, after all no one really cares who wins and who can even consider handicapping a displacement dinosaur against a modern boat.
results don't matter but the money raising and keeping awareness alive is the most important consideration.

13/01/2010 13:05:20
Losing the Tiger and Steve Nicholson that year did not bother me but seemed to bother a number of viewers and competitors when they worked out what had happened. Hence my enquiry as the aim was/is to get as many as possible to attend and enjoy the experience. Anyway, Martin will now be wearing a lifejacket if he attends again and kite will hopefully be accounted for.  

Some cracking photos from that year as the A Rater sythed its way through the 29er fleet and others at the gybe mark

14/01/2010 09:49:42
Merlin-centric report from Nick Y. Thanks!


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