blithfield barrel

07/12/2009 14:20:06
ben hollis
the second event of the blithfield barrel is on this sunday hope to see lots of merlins again great turn out last round see you all soon !!!

09/12/2009 23:31:20
Redditch rabble are intending to be there, 3 rockets (cannon fodder) 1 GP, 1 Ent, laser and Comet (Cannon Fodder for the Redditch Rockets LOL!!)

10/12/2009 00:34:28
ben hollis
excellent! are we getting any rockets from the north or south i wonder be really good if there was !!

11/12/2009 16:23:22
Some reports have indicated that soup will be available at lunch time.  The Vice & Rear Commodores have been overruled (by someone they dare not upset)  -  Baked spuds + beans + cheese + coleslaw + tomato will be served (@ £1.50 each).

14/12/2009 21:08:57
Tim Male
Round 2 results now online.
A mighty 21 merlins out yesterday, the usual hotshots fighting it out with some rockstars from other classes. Unfortunatley, the phantoms seem to be winning at the moment!
12/01/2010 09:01:06
ben hollis
Round three of the blithfield barrel starts 17th january 2010
excellent event please do come along.

12/01/2010 10:52:20
There was rumour that Blithfield had frozen is that true or false? Not sailed since the last round so was looking forwar to it.

12/01/2010 17:15:52
Chris Martin
There was just sufficiant ice to stop us launching on sunday. All marks were clear, it was just frozen around the edges including (un)fortunately the slipways.

Looking at the forecast, we will be seeing temperatures picking up to above freezing, but more significantly a change in wind direction to the south east which should clear away the ice if any remains.

A decision will be taken on Friday/early Saturday but as it stands we are planning on running it.

12/01/2010 17:56:27
ben hollis
i am visiting the club tomorrow i will let you know if it is frozen chris and co will make a decision on friday though

15/01/2010 09:39:51
Ben was it ice ice baby or liquid water? What time will the club announce if it is on or not?

15/01/2010 10:12:30
Chris m
Hi martin It was much diminished on tuesday, more a layer of slush than ice. Ben's popping down again today, i'll let you know the outcome when i find out from him.

15/01/2010 18:15:52
ben hollis
thank god ice has melted except the odd bit should be going sailing yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
chris will let people know asap. looks very good though yyyeeeeeeppppppyyyyy!!!!

15/01/2010 19:05:40
Chris m
Alls well, ice report is clear come yotting!

18/01/2010 09:14:45
The Old Trout
Another fine day of yachting in great sunshine with reasonable breeze. Thanks to all at BSC

An excellent report on day 3 on the Y&Y website by Chris Martin - Have you thought of a career in yachting journalism, Chris?

18/01/2010 15:44:22
Good stuff. Always important to mention the pies, too.
18/01/2010 20:17:35
ben hollis
good days sailing well done taxi! definatly the place to be this winter and as the the pies they were epic !!!

19/01/2010 07:25:08
Tim Male
Results and photos online.
What a great days racing!


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