13/11/2009 18:00:16
ben hollis
the blithfield barrel starts this sunday !!
Are there any other merlins going up except for the club boats hope to see you all up there !!

13/11/2009 19:53:41
Chris w
me and mike anslow will be there
dickie and chris gould should be going
steve watson.... apart from that not sure

13/11/2009 22:53:22
From Redditch, the following have indicated that they intend to come.

3190 Finlandia 3xxx(A September Girl) 3374 Rhaphsody in Blue 3403 The Fridge 3496 Smokin

Also a GP14 an Ent plus a Laser and a Comet.

13/11/2009 23:03:23
ben hollis
good effort reddditch

16/11/2009 07:07:33
Tim Male
57 Entries - a stunning effort all round!
Next one is 15th November.
16/11/2009 09:21:08
Mike Anslow
Tim was obviously so overcome by the number of entries that he gave the wrong date for the next two races in the series.  It should have been Sunday 13th December.

Fantastic turnout, especially from the Merlin Class, which turned out no less than 20 boats. The Blithfield Barrel is the event to go to!

18/11/2009 23:04:47
River Sailor
Too cold for me! (+ too little tacking)


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