2010 Salcombe Week entry forms

05/11/2009 15:34:40
John Murrell
The forms are all ready to post on the SYC website but.............. it won't let me!!

Whilst I sort out the glitch if anyone is really desperate, email me and I will get one pack to you.

06/11/2009 14:05:44
John Murrell
The 2010 Merlin Week entry forms are now on the SYC website, follow the link below......

06/11/2009 14:11:50

06/11/2009 17:16:31
Early Riser
Entry in the post. Will entry numbers and selection be the same as last year.

06/11/2009 18:46:26
John Murrell

Yes entries will be posted on line with their draw number as I get them - oh I have one alreday 3550, can't think who own's that one!!!!

06/11/2009 18:47:02
John Murrell
and I can't spell either!

06/11/2009 18:55:57
And who will be rigging the spinnaker of 3550.

06/11/2009 19:49:46
John Murrell
not the helm!

06/11/2009 20:36:13
Same as in my boat.

06/11/2009 23:20:35
Glad to hear it John!!! Look forward to staring at her beautiful transom!!

Mine is in the post box down the road as we speak.

07/11/2009 09:01:36
Daisy Duke
Glad to hear that John! 

Yeee Haaaw

09/11/2009 10:54:54
Will a list be posted showing the forms that have been recieved to avoid people calling John to see if he has recieved their form?

09/11/2009 13:45:17
John Murrell
Indeed they will Martin - so far I have 7 in and there are others winging their way down to sunny Salcombe as I write this!!!!

The link to both the enrty form and entry list is below:

09/11/2009 14:12:49
So far I am the only entry not a Veteran!!

09/11/2009 18:49:23
Most excellent I shall look forward to watching my entry appear in the next day or so!

23/11/2009 23:02:12
Gordon Brown
There are but 45 entries, have my fiscal rules gone that far astray or are there other forces at play?

23/11/2009 23:33:50
Just tired of being ripped off, pushed through a tidal sluice in flukey winds and getting parking tickets.

24/11/2009 10:27:49
PC Plod
Ah! so thats where Gordon Brown has been going wrong!  Memo to PM ' Easy way to raise money - allow councils to fine people for parking in places they shouldn't...............'

Memo to Punter:'Salcombe isn't the only place in the country that fines people for inconsiderate parking'

24/11/2009 10:58:45
Andrew M
Can't quite reconcile Punter's grumble with what actually happened in Salcombe last year and this.

24/11/2009 23:29:43
Salcombe newbie this year and have to say I thought it was great. 5 shared a house at £121 each for the week with enough parking for two cars two trailers and a motorbike. Who could grumble at the yacht club beer prices and not just on the Thursday either? certainly not us Midlanders used to Broad Street or Hurst Street prices. If I have half as much fun next year it will still be a great week.

25/11/2009 00:19:52
Pat Blake
Yes I agree 'Punter' seems to be in a minority.
Every one I know who has been to Salcombe Merlin Week wants to go back - perhaps school term rules or other things get in the way but it is still the highlight of the year for most of us.
If you haven't been before here is your chance - enter now!

25/11/2009 08:39:26
We love it down in Salcombe and have been for the last 4 years now. Our entry was straight in the post. As for parking, last year I parked on the street up the top of the hill to avoid the the car park fees which was fine as the car was there all week, but next year we have a free parking pass with our cottage.

I think Punter needs to make the most of it and plan to spend a little money there. You will enjoy it more now you know the true cost of a week there. We spent alot less on our second year once we knew what to plan for.

Oh and don't forget the Ice Cream, it truly is great!!

25/11/2009 23:18:30
As a relative newcomer I did find the logistics of Salcombe a bit more complicated than some places. I enjoyed my first year doing rescue, and it made the second year - with boat - much easier. I think maybe I've got it taped now ... except for the sailing, that is.

26/11/2009 00:22:13
Douglas has a point, if it's your first year talk to someone you trust who has been before... The Redditch rabble turned up totally clue less and tender less...we did not even know where the house was or the Dinghy Park.. come to that where is Devon...oh we went through there on the way to Looe last year.
Yes we were the beach gypsies and spent almost as much time scrounging lifts to and from Mill Bay as we did sailing.... BUT everyone was very indulgent of us and helped us whenever we were unsure of what to do. We even blagged a boat for the Friday to move our trollies back to Batson on the understanding we moved the boat owners trolley first.. plus a couple of others who had purchased us beer the night before...LOL...

30/11/2009 15:50:17
With only about 60 odd boats on the list today, are we heading towards not having a lottery this year. That is unless the Salcombe posty had a very large delivery for John this morning... or maybe he has dozed off and not updated the list for a week?

30/11/2009 16:00:42
John Murrell
Sadly I have updated it today - Mr Duffell was the last one on the list.

Interestingly talking to the letting agents, they have confirmations / deposits from a number of people who haven't got an entry form to me yet and at least two people have got on their hands and knees and promised that the forms are in the post!

30/11/2009 16:08:45
O dear, when was the last time this happened?
On the upside, atleast i have a spot this year, whoooo!

30/11/2009 19:26:51
Could do better!
Smaller fleet means I will get a better finish than this year where the blue fleet seemed to be made up of 20 odd crews that would never ever give up! So when a dozen or so finishers from the other fllet joined I was going to get a high 30 place finish at best.


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