Scottish Merlin Rocket Traveller Series Event One Wornit Boating Club 16th / 17th June

11/05/2007 15:00:44
Just a quick note to remind people of the first event in Scotland this year.

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June.
First race on Saturday 14.30hrs
First race Sunday 15.00hrs.
Entry fee £15 per boat for this four race event.
Come and have a bash round the cans on the Tay estuary on a huge bit of water between the two Tay bridges.
Saturday's racing followed by a BBQ / Bar and general tomfoolery.

limited camping available but if you need somewhere to sleep drop me a line and I will sort something out or bring an air bed and crash in the club house!.

if you need more info please get in touch by mail.
14/05/2007 16:50:45
We'll be there.  Just make sure the party lives up to the last two years. 

Not that I remember the last two years. And a whole Sunday morning to recover.

22/05/2007 19:25:54

22/05/2007 20:02:31
Colin Brockbank Membership Sec

have you a new email wanted to speak about a few things

23/05/2007 13:04:07
home email is the same.

29/05/2007 19:27:35
Merlin hunter
Anyone know the whereabouts of 3263 NSM1 Omega last known of on Loch Lomond. Its still registered to me in the handbook so its down to word of mouth or a rare sighting of this shy beast.

30/05/2007 23:58:59
Hamish 3321
could it be having an "away day"??????
seriously though - seven boats so far for the WBC event. anyone care to help reach double figures - there are three Merlins at Aberdeen and Stonehaven, One at Loch tummel and "away day" is probably still in Scotland....

22/10/2013 15:38:41
may be a bit late but i have owned 3263 (away day) for about 3 years now, if you still have any documents please let me know.

25/10/2013 12:44:03
will ask as I am going to meet with one of the previous owners tomorrow to pack 3376 away for winter.

25/10/2013 21:05:43
Calum B
Good to hear 3263 is still alive! I last saw a picture of her for sale a few years ago looking unloved. I bought her about 20 years ago in Dartmouth and raced at Wormit with Hamish. Sold her about 16 years ago to a bloke racing on Loch Lomond. I have just had a dig through dust covered sailing stuff and I have the original measurement certificate and registration certificate. Am happy to pass them on to you.

25/10/2013 21:46:05
That's excellent if you leave an email address I can get in touch. I've had her about 3 years now, not had much use out of her due to fitness and injury, getting her into the shed over the winter for varnishing and painting hopefully get some good use out of her next season, and some much needed practice.

27/10/2013 01:44:17
Are you in Scotland bbibby? If you are and want to join the wee fledgeling circuit then drop me an email and I can add you to the Scottish Merlins email list. Always good to hear of more boats!

27/10/2013 22:15:27
Calum B
Contact me at [email protected] and we can organise the documents

28/10/2013 21:49:13
Andy I'm in the north west of England, sailing at roa island boat club, just stepping up from sailing a wayferer, probably be a while till I'm racing competitively.

28/10/2013 21:49:15
Andy I'm in the north west of England, sailing at roa island boat club, just stepping up from sailing a wayferer, probably be a while till I'm racing competitively.


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