Re-decking my Rocket

06/08/2018 15:57:20
I built a Keith Callaghan merlin rocket, some 15 years ago over here in USA. It has seen much use since then. This year I decided that it could do with a deck job... and so began the poking and prodding...
I never felt like I got my Spinny tube very well framed in and the constant maintenance that I have had to do in this area has shown this to be correct. I removed my forestay anchor, undoing the 4 through deck mounting bolts and everything pretty much came off in my hands... all held together by the bolts i guess, glue joints completely failed...
If anyone has photos of their framing and advice on materials, solid wood vs plywood etc that they have used, and found durable I would be very grateful. Digital photos, detailing  Lawrie Smarts construction method would be gladly paid for with their weight in gold!
Thanks - John

06/08/2018 18:33:12
Tim M
If you are on Facebook then look up the Merlin Rocket Revival Fleet group - this type of question should be right up their street.

07/08/2018 16:45:36
John Keeling
Unfortunately the Merlin Rocket Revival Fleet group seems to be inactive. Any other info gladly received, thanks - John

07/08/2018 16:55:53
Tim M
Just dropped you a note.  The FB MRRF group is alive and well.  There is also a separate Merlin Rocket Builders group.


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