2-Pack Varnish

02/06/2015 09:47:24
Looking to get a reasonable quantity of 2-pack varnish. I found on the web "Skipper Line" (from Skipper UK) which looks to be a good quality product at a reasonable price - has anyone used this stuff or had any dealings with the company?

02/06/2015 18:46:50

hi dave, its the mutts nuts, iwas struggling to find a proper product for us to spray with,laurie got me to use it,its slightly more expensive than epifanes ,....but it mixes up half as much again as you get a full tin!!!really good wear properties  and a glorious shine......alex jacksons river boat is finished in it,the company themselves are really professional too, courteous and really helpful....cant recommend them enough,... d.h.

03/06/2015 09:11:11
Thanks. It makes a big difference when you are ordering a product to know  it has been used successfully.


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