Four Merlins

18/02/2019 01:36:29
I have just been moving the last few items out of the home in Portugal of my late parents, Tom and Peggy Brown, and came across a photo of them in their first Merlin - 895.

I would be interested to know if any of their old boats are being sailed/raced still:


I have vague recollections of another, but can't remember the number.

Any info would be welcome!


18/02/2019 01:40:00
The other was called was called Hottentot or Spendthrift...

05/03/2019 19:58:05
Graham Cranford Smith
Hmm.  I've  an idea Tom sailed 999 Rozzer at Bristol Corinthian SC in about 1979/80 when I knew him.  My wife,  then Fiona Powell, crewed him a bit. 

Rozzer by then was a bit out classed by the onset of later designs owned by people like Paul Seddon, Jerry Rook, John Shorrock, Graham and Tessa Pike. Chris Haworth Etc. But Tom did well.  

Rozzer had been very successful.  From Ranelagh, I seem to think.  Could be making all of this up but that's how we recall it. 

You are....?  Tom's daughter?

10/03/2019 18:22:51
Mike Liggett
Yes Graham, Rozzer was a Ranelagh boat, owned by Clive Curtiss, a very colourful guy!

31/07/2019 19:30:12
Sally Garrett
Hi Graham! Rozzer was owned by Jeff Worsdale...

Yes, I'm Tom's daughter.

31/07/2019 21:34:09
David Greening
Graham, we saw another Jeff Worsdale boat “Chuft” Sailing out of Carnac a couple of weeks ago


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