1963 Merlin rocket

11/07/2020 10:15:34
Hello any one interested in a 1963 Merlin rocket need painting , built by adult boatyard number 1587 call tim on 07866778075 thank you boat called tomfoolery and first owner was a Mr broadbent and sailed at Wembley s c designer j g deadman I have original paperwork 

15/07/2020 14:32:33
Former Whitstable Pro
Not sure that the history is right as the Adur 7 was named after the legend that was Tom Lance and his son, also Tom.
 Tom senior was a founder of the Merlin class at SMYC and I bought their earlier boat Tom-Tom in 1962 and they used the funds to buy the out-of-class Adur 6's which they sailed at Torquay. Tomfoolery was quick, it was placed tied fourth in the 1965 Champs with Chris Andrews and I


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