Vinyl Graphics & Wraps

12/07/2016 20:45:46
Hi everyone,

My company based just outside of Salcombe offers design, production and installation services for vinyl graphics and wraps for boats. 

I was on the water on Monday enjoying the brilliant racing and saw how may of the Merlin fleet had their names on the boats in varying levels of customisation so I wanted to take the opportunity to post this on here for anyone who might want to replace their current graphics or give they're boat a full update or colour change. We can also put graphics on sails. 

If anyone is interested, get in touch with me either at my personal email [email protected] or call me on 07759147578.

Thanks, Ollie

13/09/2016 14:45:30
Adam Mitchell
I need my boat renaming. It's currently in Salcombe on a trailer, ready to be relocated to Exeter where i live. 
So i need the old name removing and a new one put on. The boat is only there till Saturday so not sure if there would be time? 
Thanks in advance

13/09/2016 17:47:16
Peter Male
Adam  -   spill the beans   -  what is the old name?  -  what is your choice for the new name?  -   why the change?
Get it all recorded in the boats names register.


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