Aluminium boom

06/10/2013 17:55:49
Hi there,can anyone point me in the direction of an aluminium boom for my merlin rocket. Alternatively does anyone know if the boom from a Fireball would fit my Merlin. I have a Selden aluminium mast. Thanks Alex.

06/10/2013 20:11:32
Chris M
Fireball boom should be fine as long as its physically long enough.

06/10/2013 22:59:09
Michael MacL
I have a spare one up in Glasgow if that's any use? Open to reasonable offers if you're anywhere nearby.

07/10/2013 07:44:05
I Have one based in St Albans 07775 664104

07/10/2013 08:25:41
I have an unused but unrigged Proctor 505 one which is much the same as the super spar  on my Merlin - It is in Norfolk

0771 883406 or email via forum. Free if collected

07/10/2013 12:05:27
Chris Rathbone
I have a gold anodised proctor boom if that is any help. Transom mainsheet.

07/10/2013 12:28:23
Wrong phone no in earlier post should be 07771 883406.


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