1976 Merlin Champs Whitstable

09/11/2020 18:30:12
Would anyone have the results for the 1976 Merlin Champs Whitstable, please?
I know, this is going back a while, but it would mean a lot to me. 

09/11/2020 20:27:33
Stuart Bates
From the Yearbook, so not complete.
Pos   Boat                           Helm                          Crew
1 2604 Satisfaction          L Smith                       A Barker
2 3026 Oberon                 W Twine                    A Wilkinson
3 2623 Chuft                    G Worsdale                N Appleton
4 2899 Mass Hysteria      C Humphrey              A Gray
5 2994 Asp                       JT Rook                     G Partington
6 2918 End Up First         V Ralston                  P Siddel

09/11/2020 20:28:14
Richard Davis - Yesterday Man
Good to hear from you   I was heavily involved in the organisation of that Championship but I doubt I have the full results although I recall  you were right at the front in your home built Mustard Seed    Your saying around that time was always 'too much hassle' 
You must also be good age now as I think you had a big birthday around the time of the Champs   I hope you are fit 
I may have the class newsletter reporting on the week - hot weather sea breezes and underweight boats come to mind ! 
Best wishes 
Richard Davis 
2620 Yesterday Man  

11/11/2020 14:57:51
Bill Twine
Stuart: thanks very much for your help
Richard: All the best, I'll be in touch later
Stay safe both of you,

11/11/2020 15:53:49
Bill Twine
If anyone has more details about the 1976 results, such as the individual races, I would be really grateful.

13/11/2020 17:29:13
Tim M
Hi Bill, you may already have it but I can send you a scan of the owners' assoc newsletter article from September 1976 entitled 'Wonderful, wonderful, Whitstable'.  It paints a good picture of the event even if it doesn't include all results from each race.  Tim Medcalf

16/11/2020 15:24:26
Bill Twine
Hi Tim, that would be wonderful, thank you.
Could you please send this to whitstable dot 1976 at yahoo dot com (just trying to avoid any web crawling bots) ?
This is only a temporary email address and will be cancelled within maybe a couple of weeks, for security.
Once again, thank you for your help.
Stay safe,

17/11/2020 08:31:24
Tim M
Hi Bill, no problem, I'll try and sort that out today.  Tim Medcalf


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