Merlin Rocket General Meeting 2020 Announcement

26/09/2020 12:58:31
Lou Johnson
Dear Merlin Rocket Sailor,

The MROA committee has been committed to holding a General Meeting in 2020, originally making plans for an AGM in Salcombe, and then moving this to an EGM at HISC. Due to restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, both have had to be cancelled. Nobody wants to hold a General Meeting more than the committee as we are very keen to discuss and vote on key resolutions associated with the Association and Class Rules.

COVID-19 infections in the UK is increasing and the government are more likely to impose additional restrictions rather than relax them. This means that holding a physical EGM in 2020 is not possible. Unfortunately, the intention and wording of our Association Rules is for General Meetings to be held physically, not virtually. The MROA and RYA are concerned that trying to hold a virtual General Meeting and voting on resolutions (including resolutions to permit virtual attendance) may be open to challenge which the committee is anxious to avoid.

It is therefore with sadness that the committee has unanimously agreed that it will not be possible to hold a General Meeting in 2020. This is disappointing and reinforces our belief that modifying the Association Rules to permit virtual attendance would be a benefit to the MROA.

On this basis, the committee have agreed that:

• Co-opted members of the committee will continue in their roles with confirmation by Members at the 2021 AGM. Due to the delay in confirmation, co-opted members’ terms will be reduced to two years from three for those who were due to be voted in at the 2020 General Meeting. Information on the MROA Chair will be communicated separately.

• As the EGM will not be held, it will not be possible to vote on resolutions brought forward in 2020. This means that the temporary rule on rudders added by the RYA for the remainder of 2020 will be automatically removed on 01/01/2021. We ask that you be aware of this development and ensure that the rudders used are compliant with the Class Rules.

The MROA committee is committed to ensuring a fantastic 2021 filled with excellent Merlin Rocket sailing across the UK. We have an exciting Silver Tiller, Vintage, Thames, and Midlands circuit, a great Nationals and Inland Championships planned for North Berwick and Bala, as well as Salcombe Merlin Rocket, Bourne End Week and other open events. And of cause, we are extremely keen to hold the 2021 General Meeting as soon as practical to ensure we can pass important resolutions.
We’re looking forward to seeing you on the water soon.


MROA Committee


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