UTSC Open De May and Thames Series 12th September 2020

30/08/2020 11:28:30
Jeremy Stein
The UTSC Open is going ahead as a one day event on Saturday 12th September combining the De May and Thames Series. The NOR, SIs and online booking will be available shortly on the club website. Due to the current club COVID restrictions entry will be limited to 15 boats and entry must be done online in advance.
31/8 Online booking is open and the NOR and SIs are now available on www.utsc.org.uk 
The club's COVID-19 restrictions document is with the NOR, please read this and follow the guidance if you are planning to attend UTSC.
Despite the necessary restrictions we are looking forward to welcoming you to UTSC.
Jeremy Stein 

01/09/2020 12:14:52
Chris Rathbone
Entries are going fast. Enter on the UTSC site


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