Midlands Open Meeting

10/08/2020 12:33:12
Hi, Bartley Sailing Club have offered to run an Open meeting on 13th September 2020. 
There would not be changing facilities but toilets would be available. The club has an outsourced catering service which is operating under the current government guidelines and the bar also.
Social distancing would be a necessity whilst rigging, on the slipways and around the grounds.
Please let me know if you would be interested, the plan would be to run 3 races, first race 11am. Entry fee set at £15 per boat

11/09/2020 09:34:06

Bartley Sailing Club is looking forward to welcoming the Merlin Rockets on Sunday 13th September. Here are just a few notes for sailors arriving on Sunday. 

The club is fully committed to ensuring your safety and the safety of everyone that attends the club and we ask that you follow the government guidelines at all times and remember “Hands-Face-Space”

·      There is a one-way system in operation for access to the toilets, a diagram will be handed out.

·      The changing rooms are not open and sailors will have to change outside or in their vehicles.

·      The galley/bar will be open and again a one-way system is in operation as described on the diagram.

·      Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the clubhouse and social distancing requirements must be met,

·      The tables on the patio must not be moved and please keep to a max of 6 people at a table.

·      The sailors briefing will take place on the patio. Please ensure only one crew member of each boat attends and keep your distance

·      There are 2 slipways in operation and the fleet will be split between the 2. There will only be 3 boats at a time on each slipway so please prepare your boats as much as practicable before entering the slipways. A duty crew member will take your trolley and will bring them to you when you return. To facilitate this please have your sail number on your trolley. Please keep to 3 boats at a time on the slipway when coming ashore.


The forecast looks like it will be a great days sailing.

Bartley Sailing Club



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