Ranelagh Downriver Race - September 6th - Thames and de May Open

30/07/2020 14:22:19

Hi Everyone,

Ranelagh would like to invite all merlin rockets to a Thames Series and de May open meeting on Sunday 6th September 2020.

This will be a downriver race, starting from the club line, under the bridges, round a buoy and then a race home.  Downriver races are great a bit different.
Start time 11.45am
Entry fee £10, includes bacon rolls, tea and coffee and a cooked two course lunch for helm and crew.
Handicaps will be used for the de May element of the race
Free parking on Sundays in surrounding streets or on the embankment 
Absolutely open to all merlin rockets from around the country - come and see your friends!
The nature of the downriver race means we have the whole of Putney Embankment to launch and recover from as the tide is low throughout.  Plenty of space for socially distanced rigging and post race beers.
Ranelagh loves hosting merlin opens, and we would really like to see lots of boats and all of our merlin rocket friends.  Please give me a call if you have any questions at all.  We have lots of spare crews - bring as many boats as you can.
Nearer the time I may well do a ring-around so please mark it in the diary (or have a reasonable excuse ready.... )
Hope to see you all. 

01/08/2020 10:13:09
Frances Gifford
Getting a great response by whatsapp and email. (And on here but that mysteriously vanished, thank you Tim M, look forward to seeing you again). 

It is appreciated and helps with the planning. 

Many thanks,


30/08/2020 13:44:11
Frances Gifford
Hi everyone,

It’s looking like being a good turnout next Sunday - looking forward to seeing everyone. 

I’ll update further re. exact race instructions/briefing etc and how we will manage to keep people distanced and safe within the clubhouse. 

It would help if those that are able to manage to arrive in their kit etc can do so, but there will be changing facilities and toilets available. They’re not very big changing rooms, so those that can arrive changed - it’s recommended. Hopefully it will be shorts and t-shirts....

There’s no entry limit but the emails and WhatsApp’s are very useful, I’m compiling a list of intended attendees so that we can plan accordingly. 

Hopefully see many of you on Sunday 6th. 

[email protected]

05/09/2020 13:34:52
Frances Gifford
Hi everyone,

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that has let me know they’re coming, it’s very helpful. 

A few details about the race, timings and the clubhouse and changing facilities etc....

The race will start no earlier than 11.30. It may be 11.45. There will be a briefing at 11am on the foreshore in front of the club. But a few points to digest beforehand. 

We will sail downriver, with a buoy before Chelsea Bridge. The start sequence is 10, 4, 1, go. You must be afloat by the 4 minute. There will be tide taking you down over the line. 

We will round the buoy to starboard and finish on the club line. 

Spinnakers must not be hoisted after the start until you have cleared Putney rail bridge. This applies at the beginning of the race, when returning to finish there is no restriction. 

Social distancing
The forecast is good so it should be possible to spend most of the day outdoors. Entries will be taken outside. Please bring £10 cash if possible. This covers your entry and your food for the day for two people. 

The changing rooms will be open but we would appreciate it if people try not to use them. Come changed if you can. I will be wearing shorts and maybe waterproof trousers. This is a highly recommended combo for river racing. And doesn’t require changing rooms. The showers are also available but ideally only for people that have actually fallen in the river or have open wounds etc.... The changing rooms are pretty small so the less people that use them the better, and for short periods if necessary. 

Lunch will be served after the race. Beef rendang and rice followed by chocolate brownies. The bar will be open.  Please don’t loiter in the bar. It will be nice outside.  

If eating inside please try to stick to government guidance re. who you share a table with. We’re suggesting 4 per table. 

Really looking forward to it. See you all tomorrow. 


06/09/2020 18:36:00
Andrew Mills
Many thanks to the team at Ranelagh for today's racing.  We had a really good race and it was amazing value at £10:00 for bacon roll, tea, coffee, curry and a chocolate brownie for both of us even without the sailing thrown in!  The wind much better than the forecast and the added bonus of the tide under us for most of the race rather than the classic Ranelagh short tacking and struggling to get round the mark.
Andrew & Ellie in Shenandoah 3088 

06/09/2020 21:18:41
I’ll second that, a most enjoyable event and lovely atmosphere of boating on the South bank. It was great to see so many very well looked after boats from seemingly all ages of the class being raced on equal terms. This was our first time sailing at Ranelagh and great fun; the beat home was awesome. Thanks again to Fran and the Ranelagh team for all their great efforts.

Richard and Peter 2037 Lady Hyperion

06/09/2020 21:30:18
Tim M
Completely agree.  We enjoyed the downriver bit more than the coming back upriver (if anyone has a deck stepped 'long' mast that isn't as bendy as a noodle please let me know!) but a beer and tasty lunch made up for that!
On a slightly related note, places for the Tamesis Club Open on 19 September (four races, four trophies) are filling up so don't delay registering.  We are catering for 20 boats.
Tim Medcalf 

09/09/2020 14:11:17
Chris M, TSC.
Great write-up, thank you very much Fran.


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