MROA EGM - 17/10/2020 at HISC

01/07/2020 19:07:17
The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the MROA had been planned for 11th July 2020 at Salcombe Yacht Club, however this had to be cancelled following the cancellation of Salcombe Merlin Rocket week due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
In this case, and in accordance with the Owners’ Association Rules, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is required to be called for 2020.
In accordance with the recent Forum post, resolutions submitted to the AGM will be carried forward to the EGM, with an additional window opening to allow formal resolutions to be submitted to the MROA Committee for inclusion in the EGM Agenda.
The MROA have carefully considered when it would be best to hold the EGM noting any future restrictions / relaxations, and also considering the quorum requirements to permit rule changes.
The EGM is scheduled for Saturday 17th October at 1630hrs at Hayling Island Sailing Club. This is the final Silver Tiller of the year and will be followed (if possible) by dinner and drinks. Should the EGM not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Committee will look to hold the EGM at a later date and time.
Resolutions to the EGM may be submitted to the Honorary Secretary (chriskilsby.mroa AT gmail DOT com) immediately, with the deadline for resolutions being 63 days prior to the intended EGM date (15/08/2020). The MROA Committee will advise Members of any changes to the date / time / venue as soon as practical.
The deadline for resolutions will stay as 15/08/2020 even if there is a change in the EGM date.
The committee will continue to monitor the situation, and endeavour to hold a physical EGM on the 17th October if possible. Further formal communications from the Committee, including the EGM Agenda will be through the MROA Forum and website.
We ask that Members take the time to attend the EGM, to allow important rule changes to be voted on. HISC is not far from many of our members and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Best regards,

Martin Smith          Chris Kilsby
MROA Chair          MROA Honorary Secretary

06/07/2020 20:50:22
Gareth Griffiths
Well done Chris..!

08/07/2020 21:01:18
Chris Kilsby
Thanks Gareth, 
We're really keen to ensure a quorum here and are looking for you all to put the date in the diary and come along if possible. 
Clearly we don't know whether the EGM will be possible due to COVID-19 but we're trying to facilitate it safely if possible. 
Please can I ask you to start talking about the EGM at your sailing clubs, in your Merlin Rocket WhatsApp groups and Zoom meetings, and try to build some momentum here? It would be a shame to miss this opportunity. 

16/08/2020 09:25:23
Chris Kilsby
Dear all, 

The time period for submitting resolutions to the EGM has now ended. 

Many thanks to those who proposed and seconded resolutions to the EGM. This shows involvement of a diverse range of the membership which is something we should be proud of. 

We still hope that An EGM can be held.  However, under the current COVID-19 guidelines and laws, it is presently not possible to run an EGM. We will of course continue to monitor this, and will advise on any changes. 



18/08/2020 08:52:07
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hey Chris

Worst case scenario can you do it via zoom?

Hope you’re well


18/08/2020 18:51:17
I see on Y&Y that Fireball nationals at HISC has been cancelled, and that all open meetings have been cancelled. Has this been confirmed to the MROA. I assume that if this was the case this would definitely preclude the EGM at HISC?

24/08/2020 10:00:21
Chris Kilsby
By way of an update, and as suggested by snoop, HISC cannot hold the MROA EGM in 2020. This is no great surprise given the current illegality of groups of >30 people meeting. The MROA committee are meeting shortly to discuss. Please bear with us. 
Unfortunately, the HISC open is also cancelled.   

15/09/2020 13:26:45
Matt 3494
Have we got an update on the EGM? The way i see it its not going to happen "in person". So we have two choices:
Don't hold one this year (goes against everything)
Hold an electronic EGM
In the case of the second (which i perceive to be the lesser of two evils with regards to rules) I'm happy to offer my help to setup and run an online voting form to get proposals through. Many classes have managed it. Discussions held online in forums and on specially made Facebook groups, with forums to be completed by a certain deadline. 


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